Dislocation and Horses!

When I was about ten, Dad sent me from the barn to the house to get the dog. Some stray cattle and a bull had wandered in and Whuskey would chase them away.

I was running down the hill with the dog, and I tripped and fell. My shoulder hit on a rock, and it became dislocated. So PAINFUL!

We were fifty miles from a doctor at Williams Lake, and short of money, for gas and to pay the doctor. Eventually dad was able to put my shoulder “in””. The vertebrae in the back of my neck never did get back where they belonged, causing considerable pain through the years.

When we lived in Beaver Valley, we didn’t have any radio, nor electricity. We used “Coal oil” lamps (Kerocene) and sometimes the Coleman lamp that used mantles… It burned much brighter, but was only used at special times as it cost more to burn.

I loved being around horses, and always wanted to take a ride on one of the work horses. One day Clendon unhitched the team at the woodpile in the back yard. The house sat up on a little hill. The Beaver Valley road to Horsefly went past the front, at the bottom of the little hill. There was a road up to the house on one side, and it carried on back down on the other side., rejoining the “main” road down near the barn.

Of course I wanted to ride to the barn, even though they just had harnesses on. Clendon rode Dick and I was on Baldy. Clen gave me a bit of an extra ride by circling the house before going to the barn.  As we came back up to the yard he had to duck under the clothes line that was hanging loosely. He tossed it over my horse’s head, but I wasn’t quick enough, and it swept me right off of Baldy’s back, down over his rear end… I was so embarrassed, but I got back on and completed the ride. I got teased a lot about that!


6 thoughts on “Dislocation and Horses!

  1. Good morning Norman, Great to have you visit and comment. Tea? Do you take cream and sugar?I do value your comments. It was a different time that I lived through. From riding an old pack horse to writing for a blog! Sometimes I think it was better… but what would I do without my computer? Thanks for coming by.

  2. Wonderful sketches accompanying your memories today! I always loved horses, too, but living in the city didn’t give me too many opportunities to pursue my interest. One summer I received the gift of riding lessons and would take the Greyhound bus out of the city to a farm, where I learned to saddle, ride and groom a horse. Mom and Dad went with me a couple times for a trail ride, but it wasn’t something we ever did after that one summer.

    You’ll be remembering that dislocated shoulder and problem vertebrae with less-than-happy thoughts this week. I hope your current fractures heal well and the discomfort soon eases.

  3. Hello Carol! Wish you were here for tea instead of there and me here. I just sent an email off to you as your message came through.! Thanks for your visit and comment. I really need all the support I can get this week. Fractured vertebrae are quite painful!

  4. A great story today, Norma. 🙂 I hope you are feeling a litttle better now regarding your back.

  5. Hi HEather, Thanks for your visit and your well wishes. I’m afraid I don’t feel any better. Three fractured vertebra will take a while to heel. Let”s have that cup of tea.

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