Sears Catalogue… and toys!

Back in the day… you know, when I was a kid!  In Beaver Valley. I only had one toy for Christmas, and that was a doll, ordered from The Sears Catalogue. It came in a trunk with a couple of outfits. That was it.

But… we had imagination.  And with a catalogue to work with, that’s all we needed. I had paper dolls… cut from that catalogue… and the dresses were cut out from there as well, taking special care to leave tabs on the shoulders and elsewhere, to hold them on the “doll!” It was good if you had a bit of cardboard and could paste the doll on that, before cutting it out!

That catalogue was a source of inspiration when you made out an order for all the things you wanted. We spent many hours with mom, going through the catalogue and picking out what we wanted to order this time, then we tore it up as there was no money to send along to Sears.

And when the new catalogue came, the old one went to the out house for reading material, and it was useful for after doing “the job.”

Besides, who needed toys when you had your own horse?


6 thoughts on “Sears Catalogue… and toys!

  1. With online social media, video games and so many sophisticated toys, today’s youngsters don’t use their imaginations nearly enough. I remember how our children would squabble over possession of the Sears Christmas catalogue when it arrived every fall, and loved to put a mark beside the things they liked. I actually still enjoy browsing through catalogues, but many companies now limit theirs to an online version, and it’s just not the same.

    • Hi Carol, I agree with you that children today don’t have the fun of a Catalogue. I’ll pour a cup of tea and we can chat. Great to have you visit and to see your comments. Thanks.

  2. The Sears Christmas catalogue kept our girls entertained for hours too. They weren’t “shopping” – they just seemed to like all the bright pictures. Did you feel like you were missing out on anything? It sounds like you had a very full life as a child. I must say though, that I really appreciate having toilet paper!! 😉

    • Hi Norma…Welcome. Tea’s’ poured… You know, we really appreciated having the catalogue for the outhouse! It was a different time, that’ss for sure. WE were grateful for everything we had.

  3. Hi, Norma – yes, the Sears catalogue. And Eatons had one too for awhile. I spent hours pouring through the pages. Years later, it was the Stokes Seed catalogue. I could spend hours and hours studying everything available and then put together my order….. for 15.00.
    Toys today are boring, I find. And where are all the kits to make things? My father would buy me kits from the hobby shop he frequented. He had an HO train set (then switched to n-gauge years later.) My favourite kits were of birds – models that required assembly then painting. It doesn’t seem like over half a century ago! Good grief.

    • Hi Heather. Kettle is boiling… let’s have that tea.
      If you say 50 years ago it doesn’t sound as long as Half a century ago! A lot of what I am writing about was even a longer time away!
      Thanks for your visit, and for your comments. Love to have you come by.

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