Point Grey Junior High School

I started at Point Grey Junior High school. It was about a mile from home and I would go home for lunch. If I hurried, I would get a nose bleed. Someone told mom that I should have jelly… either eat it after it was set or drink it once it had cooled. That did the trick and I stopped having nose bleeds!

We had Home Economics there, which was sewing and cooking. Our sewing teacher was Miss Davidson, and you better have your thimble on when you were hand sewing, or she would give you a lecture.  To this day I can’t really sew without my thimble.

The first thing we made was an outfit to wear while cooking. It didn’t look much like an apron but that’s what it was. Among other things I made a dress out of “Pussy Willow Silk!”  It was put in the show case in the front hall of the school… I can sill visualize it.

From that time on I made my mother’s dresses. She had one hip a little higher than the other. It was not noticeable until you started to fit the dress. I also made most of my own clothes over the years.,

My art teacher there was Miss Faunt. She said I should go to art school. But we moved, again, to Langley, ten days before the end of school. I had to attend classes for those ten days! There was no way my parents could afford to send me to Vancouver to go to art school, so that never happened.

I designed the cover for the 1939 school annual, called “The Explorer”. I also did the design for the front page, using her suggestions. I still have the annual, and I still have the original drawings that were used for the Annual!

I played baseball (called softball now), volley ball and badminton, and was captain of each team! Also played grass hockey.

I really liked school, and did my homework… and got good marks… was usually in the top two or three of the class. I took Junior Business and was the only person in the class to get 100% on one of the tests. I got to do anything I wanted, while the rest of the class had to repeat the test, looking up the correct answers.

Maybe that’s why I worked in a bank when I left High School.

We moved, again. To 2882 W. 41st, at McKenzie. I was still going to Point Grey Junior High.

At this time, Clendon and Horace had a Christmas tree lot. They spent the whole night lined up at City Hall to get their license, and the best lot in town… at 41st and West Boulevard…. But after they got the lot, Clendon had a nervous breakdown and had to go to the hospital. Horace had to look after it by himself. When I was out of school I would go and spell him off so he could get something to eat, or just warm up.

Trees sold from thirty-five cents to a dollar. I guess that people with the Christmas spirit felt sorry for this tall, skinny  kid shivering in the cold, and they always paid me more than I was asking for the tree. For a seventy-five cent tree, they paid me a dollar!

From this time on, I cut my mom’s and dad’s hair!  Even after marriage, I cut my husband’s hair! And my sons’ for many years.

Have you noticed… I  sure do wander around a lot!


6 thoughts on “Point Grey Junior High School

  1. When you “wander around” you take us with you, and it’s always a pleasant trip! Lots of great memories. You sure did well at school even if you had to move around. And it’s nice that you’ve managed to keep your school annual as a memento of some of your efforts. I never did get a copy of my Britannia High School annual, although I do have a photo of my grad class banquet.

  2. Good morrning CArol, I never got to the grad class… I quit 6 weeks before the end of school to start a job at the bank, after the bank manager and the principle came to my house to hire me! I’ll pour your tea! Thanks for coming by.

  3. I love hearing about all of your talents and how they developed – your love of sewing and art both had an early start in your life. I didn’t know that you were into sports so much – I learn a little bit more about you all the time! 🙂 Your illustrations for the year book are great – so nice that you have still got your copy.
    Happy Mother’s Day, Norma! Hope you are having a wonderful day enjoying the sun with your family.

    • Hello Norma… let’s have that cup of tea. Happy Mother’s
      day. a little late in the day, but better late than never.
      Thanks for coming by and for your comments.

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