Skating and Corn Roasts

Here I go, jumping back in time again! The Christmas that my brothers had the Christmas tree stand was about the time of my greatest desire for a present! I wanted a pair of ice skates, but I didn’t think there was any chance of getting them because money was pretty scarce.

Imagine my surprise when I got two pair of skates! Both used… both boys skates! A dear friend of my dad’s, Kay Charles, and Armenian shoe repairer,… he gave me the second pair.

We used to go skating out at the Exhibition grounds. I can’t remember who I went with, but I know I was not alone.. The only problem was that I had weak ankles, and with boys skates, there was no ankle supports. So… I didn’t become a famous skater, but we did have fun.

We used to go to the roller rink, too. And that was fun skating around to beautiful organ music. As long as you went with the flow you were all right, but there was usually quite a traffic jam.

My memory just kicked in… out of time line…when I was at Point Grey Junior High I joined the pen and ink club…. then years later I was doing pen and ink drawings. Thought you should know that, even out of context!

Around about this time (1938) Boy, I’m using that phrase a lot! We moved again… to 70th and Granville. I went to the Open Door Baptist Church along with Ethel Trefry and two of her three brothers, Delbert and Aubrey. (Wendell was older). I went around with Aubrey a bit but nothing serious. ( so “not so serious”, I’m not sure if it was Aubrey or Delbert.) Have a feeling it might have been Delbert!

A group of young people from the church were the ones I went skating with…. And we had corn roasts on the banks of the Fraser River . This was in the Marpole area of Vancouver. We played Hide and Seek in the bush of a vacant lot near where Trefrys lived. Or played baseball, or sat around in Trefreys house, either playing cards or just talking. I was 15.

Their front room was small and was “off limits” even to them, unless they had very special company. They had a large dining room with a couch in there, and that’s where we “hung out.” It was a bit weird for me as our living room was just that… we lived in it every day, not just when there was company.

Isabel Taylor was another one of the group, and we used to play cards at her house some times. One of her brothers had epilepsy and had one of his seizures when we were there. That’s very scary the first time that happens in front of you. Ethel, Isabel and I were known as the Three Musketeers.

Solvik Kendrick and her sister, and James Holt were also in the young peoples group at the Church. Jimmy’s mother had this wonderful aura that shone about her. I can still see her face… it was like she had a light shining from the inside! Baptism at that church was by dunking. I just about got up enough nerve to go through it, but I chickened out.

That was a good time in my life. And then, the move to Langley when I was 16


8 thoughts on “Skating and Corn Roasts

  1. Good morning, Norma. Thanks for the memories (reminds me of a song heheh) that bring so many flooding back to me. Hope your day is wonderful – and a healing day! Beautiful outside – we are being spoiled!

    • Hi Heather. I just poured your tea…. Funny how other people’s memories can trigger ours. Good to remember where and what we came from, isn’t it. Thanks for your visit and comment.

  2. Skating was so popular in our youth, wasn’t it? I remember ice skating at that Forum building on the PNE grounds, too. Later years I did more roller skating. Hanging out with friends in those days seemed to centre around lots of wholesome, fun activities. Great memories shared today!

  3. Hello Carol, Back in those days we didn’t have malls to hang out in, nor the money to spend if there had of been. Roller skating with a group of friends was such fun. Times have sure changed… for the better? I wonder. I’ll pour our tea. Thanks for coming by and for your comment!

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