Hattie Perry

Hattie was born in East Advocate, Nova Scotia September 11th 1920…she moved to Barrington, Nova Scotia in the 1940’s to teach school there. She met, and married Albert Perry, and lived happily ever after.! They raised two lovely daughters, Debbie and Rachel.

Hattie was a writer. She wrote 16 books, most of them about the history of the Barrington area.  Many stories from that era would have been lost  if it had not been for her persistent research, and for her books.

She was a genealogist, and her books contained the family tree of those she wrote about. The History of Barrington, and Around Old Barrington,. Ordeals at Sea, and a second volume of Ordeals… And Finest Kind, where two seagulls, Manley and Elizabeth, are the main characters. She had such a great sense of humour,

Ordeals At Sea has one of my husband’s paintings on the cover!

She was the one who discovered the cause of the  sonic boom that  was being heard  (and felt) over Nova Scotia. The SST had to change its course because of her findings.

What kind of a woman was Hattie Perry? Well, some folk thought they could just go in and bulldoze the cemetery….Not with Hattie around. She layed down in front of the bulldozer, and the work had to be stopped… and they never did bulldoze that cemetery.

I found Hattie through my genealogy efforts…. And we corresponded for a few years…her on the

Atlantic Ocean, and me on the Pacific.

My grandmother, Hester Ann (Lantz) Vogler, and Hattie’s grandfather, Richard Preston Lantz, were brother and sister…making us cousins.

And then, we took a trip to Nova Scotia. We were in the museum in the old woolen mill in Barrington. I pointed out one of Hattie’s book’s and said my cousin wrote it… the young man said you have to go and visit her… just in behind… on Petticoat Lane! Did you ever hear of anyone living on Petticoat Lane before?

So we knocked on Hattie’s door, and I told her my name, and she said “Come on in, Cousin.” And we had such a delightful visit. She passed on in June, 2009. May she rest in Peace.

A few days ago I had just sat down at supper when the LPN came to my table and said I had visitors from Nova Scotia. She had seated them in the lounge area, and told them I would be down at 5:30… and told me to have my supper before meeting my unexpected  visitors.

The tables were turned. This time it was Hattie’s two daughters and her son in law that were “knocking on my door.”  So I said “Come on up.”  What a delightful surprise! And what a delightful visit!

The photo of Hattie is courtesy of The Annapolis Country Spectator.


9 thoughts on “Hattie Perry

  1. Great story. I have made many friends over the years when I was doing my genealogy. Lynda, Judy & I went back to Ontario and traced my Dad’s mother’s family in eastern Ontario and then over to Western Ontario down around Niagara Falls area to trace his Dad’s family. It was a great 2 weeks and met people who lived in our ancestors homes. This was about 14 years ago and we still exchange letters at Christmas with them.

    • Hello Bev! How great to see you… must have a cup of tea. What a great time the three of you must have had. Everyone that I met back in Nova Scotia was very friendly. (3 cousins, one who owned the house, and bed, that my dad was born in!)
      Did your Mom get moved? Thanks for stopping by and for the comment..

  2. Yes Mom got all moved and is settling in. Still has some unpacking to do and organize everything where she wants it. Toast (Mom’s cat) settled in right away which helped Mom settle in also

    • Good afternoon, Heather. What a great day for a holiday weekend…not. I had to have a bone density test yesterday… on Sunday… in the middle of a long weekend! Thanks for dropping by… tea’s ready.

  3. One of the joys of genealogy searches is discovering people we might never otherwise have known about, and sometimes getting precious opportunities to meet them, such as you did. And how wonderful to have a surprise visit from Hattie’s family. It brings the whole story full circle! (I hope you put your camera to work to capture memories of the visit.)

    • Hello Carol, let’s have that cup of tea… maybe a cookie? Thanks for your visit and comments. You can bet the visit was well recorded… with three different cameras taking pictures! It was really great to see them.

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