Anna Leslie

I’m going way back again. I’m probably doing a  very good job of mixing up “time line.. but my memories don’t come in time line form.

When I was three we moved to 6075 Angus Drive, to a house that dad had had built for us. It was on a half acre lot at the corner of 45th and Angus. We lived there until after the crash of 29. when we moved to the Cariboo.

Our next door neighbour on the 45th side was Dr. and Mrs Oliver Leslie. He was a dentist, .. she was a homemaker. Anna Leslie. They had no children, so kind of adopted neighbourhood kids to swing on their cherry tree when they were sitting out in the garden!

They had 5 dogs… Goldie Leslie, a cocker spaniel, who was allowed in the house. They had  four black Labs, with a large kennel in the yard. They were allowed to play in the yard when people were sitting out there, but were well looked after in the kennel.

Anna was an avid gardener, and would often transplant during a rain storm, then go and take a mustard bath so she didn’t catch cold.

I loved to be with her while she worked in the garden. She taught me the names of all the different plants…but there was one I could not pronounce. “Nemesium.”

I was the only kid around that was allowed in the house with her… to “help” make cookies, or to go upstairs to her sewing room… or to play with her mah jong set. I had to be sure to put the tiles away in the right order. She would always tell me when “it was time for me to go home!”

They had a beautiful home. She even did re upholstering herself.

When they knew that we would be moving away, they took me out for dinner. A very rare occasion in my life. I still vividly remember what I wore.. a lilac coloured taffeta dress, white socks and black patent leather shoes! I felt so elegant, and so grown up!

When my three sons were little, each Christmas we would visit Mrs. Leslie to deliver some of my home made cookies.

She was one of the influences in my growing up, and I thank her for that.


6 thoughts on “Anna Leslie

  1. Ah, I remember this lovely photo from your December post about Goldie and the watercolour painting, although I think you were cropped out of that one. It’s wonderful to have such special people in our lives as friends and mentors.

    What a treat to have been taken out for dinner. Even as a grown up I still consider it a special treat.

    • Good morning Carol. Thanks for stopping by and your comment. Tea is ready so we can relax for a bit. My folks never went out for dinner… so this was a very special occasion. I stoll hav that little watercolour of Goldie Leslie sitting on my bookshelf where I see him every day…80 years later!

  2. Mrs Leslie sounds like a wonderful neighbour! Imagine inviting neighbouring kids over to play in their yard while they sat outside – I don’t think too many people without children of their own, would invite such a disruption to their quiet world! That is a great photo of the 3 of you with Goldie showing off her trick. Such a special lasting friendship that you shared with her!

    • Hi Norma. Have tea? Mrs. Leslie was, and is a very special person in my life. Even my sons remember going to see her at Christmas time. Thanks for stopping by and for your comment!

  3. How nice you kept up the relationship after returning to Vancouver. 🙂 A wonderful story, Norma. Heartwarming.

    • Good morning Heather. Thanks for coming by and for your comment… tea is poured for you. Too early for cookies. I hope your days are going well?

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