Muirfield Drive

(** Note: please see special message below)

7750 Muirfield Drive! A brand new house! A palace! Three bedrooms. It actually had cupboards with doors on them, and drawers, and a bathroom! We bought an electric stove, and we got our first telephone. We thought we were in heaven!

Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) was our landlord in the beginning. They planted the lawn in the front and at the sides, and ten feet behind the house. We were responsible for landscaping the rest of it. It was quite a while before we got a fence around the back yard, so I would sit on the back steps and keep an eye on the kids, then get my work done while they had their naps.

 Christmas Eve, 1953, and the family gathering was at our place. A lot of work for me.

Gary wasn’t well, but the Doctor refused to come out to the house. At the beginning of the new year Gary ended up in the hospital for two months… he wasn’t absorbing his vitamins. What a stressful time that was, and we were so happy when he was able to come back home.

After the accident at Knight Road and Kingsway, I lost my nerve and couldn’t drive the car. Even being in a car was almost more than I could stand… cars coming along from side streets would make me almost hysterical, and I nearly drove Mickey up the wall. It was a few years before I got mad enough at having to rely on someone to drive me, especially to see my mom and dad, that I started driving again. We were living on Muirfield Drive at the time.

Mom and dad had bought a place at Willoughby, in Langley. They had no washing machine, so I was doing their wash, ironing and mending. I was also baking cookies for them as Mom wasn’t too well. I also made mom’s dresses. I had done that since I was sixteen. I bought a portable sewing machine and I made the kids’ clothes, some of Mickey’s shirts, and most of my own clothes.

Boy, do I jump around! I hope you can follow me!

Muirfield Drive was a veteran’s area. To rent one of these homes you had to have at least two kids (a boy and a girl). If you had all boys or all girls you had to have at least three kids. That meant a lot of kids in the area, with all the parents around the same age. None of the homes were for sale… they were strictly rental properties.

Behind our house was still bush, right over to 54th, quite a distance. Below that was Fraserview Golf Course. Also, a two block long area along the opposite side of Muirfield was bush.  Eventually that two-block area was cleared… one end completely, so that they could build David Oppenheimer School, but the other end was left pretty much as it had been.  They did take out some of the undergrowth after I called them and told them that kids liked to play in there, and were easy prey for predators.

The year that Ra was to start school (1956) they opened the brand new David Oppenheimer School right across the street from our crescent.

The minister of the Presbyterian Church on Nanaimo Street, the other side of the bush, phoned me.  He had heard that there had been molestings in the area, and he wanted to get the bush cleared. When he talked to the city about it they said he had to prove his allegations. He asked if I knew of any family that had a child that had been molested… I said I had no knowledge of it.

I phoned the police. I said I knew they couldn’t release that kind of information to me, but would they be willing to release it to the City department involved?

They cooperated fully, and the City came and cleared the rest of the bush and turned it into Bobolink Park.


This is at the point where I’ve had to do some rethinking about my blog. Do I continue writing it? Do I stop?  A lot of people stop by, but very few actually comment and let me know whether they enjoy it, or not. Is it worth my effort?

They miss out on the virtual cup of tea that I like to pour for my visitors!

The other thing… going back over the old memories brings back all the memories… not just the good ones that I write about. I have to decide which ones to write about, and which ones to exclude. I hope you agree with my decisions, and will continue to travel along with me.


This is Norma’s niece stepping in with an update on her behalf. Although she intended to continue her blogging, Norma has had to take an unexpected hiatus as she suddenly finds herself in hospital awaiting emergency major surgery. If you wish to leave her a message, you can do so in the comment section below and I will print it out for her. Or messages can be e-mailed to and I’ll see that she gets them.
 Carol (McGuire) Garvin
See also: Gary McGuire’s Flickr posting.

10 thoughts on “Muirfield Drive

  1. Thank you for letting us know about Aunty Norma. We will be thinking good thoughts for her. Please give her a big hug from me.
    I love reading Aunty Norma’s blogs when ever posted. I sometimes do not comment because it is difficult to do from my phone. The blogs make me feel more closer to my family in BC. I love learning about my family, especially now that I have lost my Grandma (Norma’s sister). There are so many things I did not know.
    Love Daria

  2. Norma I remember reading something years latter that it was called Diaper Village as there were so many young children in the area. As you said it was a great place to grow up in. I love your blogs and have only been reading them a short while and thoroughly enjoy them. Take care of your self and I’m sure Carol will keep us updated on your health. What hospital are you in? Hope it will be a quick stay and you will be back to your bubbly self. There aren’t a lot of adults (to me back then) that I remember let alone fondly as I do you and Mickey. I remember babysitting the boys even though Ra was only 2 years younger than I was. Remember all the fun we had. I still have the picture you and Mickey gave us for a wedding gift. I think of you quite often when I look at the picture. That picture has been across Canada a few times and in many homes with us as moving lots with the military until we settled here in Edmonton. I will have to bring you up to date on my family sometime. Again take care and God Bless you. Bev

  3. Get better soon Auntie Norma .I love you to the moon and back. I always have and I always will.There may be distance in the times we speak to each other and heaven knows we never see each other however that doesnt mean I dont think of you because I do . I love you.

  4. I love reading your blog, Nonie, found it via Flickr, where you have been kind enough to comment on some of my photos. I hope that your surgery goes well and you make a speedy recovery. Your blog is a real education into how life was back then! My best wishes from Liverpool, (UK) Maggie.

  5. Norma, don’t stop, love reading your blog and letting Mom know what’s up with you (for those who don’t know me, I’m one of the Fraserview brats) I get your posts and read them with my cup of tea. Please let us know what hospital Norma is in so we can send her a card. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers – Big Hug Lynda

  6. Hi, Norma….Judging by the comments, I think you will continue with your blog. 🙂
    Today’s added note was a shock; so sorry to read you are in hospital. You are in my prayers for a successful surgery and speedy recovery!

  7. Hi, just dropping by to say you are in my prayers today – and always. I’ve so enjoyed getting to know you and share tea via this blog. Can hardly wait for your return to health and your writing.

    Important instructions: Please put your left hand on your right shoulder, your right hand on your left shoulder. Now, squeeze. That’s my virtual hug for you today. Repeat as often as wanted. No adverse side effects, and definitely non-fattening.

  8. Hi Norma,
    So sorry to hear that you have ended up in hospital. I hope that the surgery is a success and you will be back on your feet very soon. You are in my thoughts often and I will be sending good thoughts your way especially at this time.
    Thank you so much for your wonderful blog! I don’t comment often, but only because I don’t feel that I can add much more to the wonderful comments that others post. I DO read every one that you post though, and hope that you will continue to write for as long as it brings you joy.
    take care my friend,
    love, Norma

  9. Oh, my! I just happened by tonight and was dismayed to read this. It’s been two days since Carol posted her bad news about Norma’s major surgery. I sure hope it went well and that she’s started on the road to recovery. Please send her a big hug from me and licky-lick kisses from Zoe Bear.

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