The Waiting Game

Norma wrote the following message in hospital
and asked that it be posted to update you on her situation.


Things change … so quickly … don’t they? Right now, for me, it’s a problem to even know what day it is. I think today might be Monday, June something. Maybe the 25th?

Wednesday the 20th I went to Emergency at our local hospital for a simple procedure. I expected I would be home in time for our weekly ‘Hymn Sing’ a couple hours later. Wrong!

My tummy was x-rayed. I had to wait around for the results – and then it was decided to do a cat scan of it. Too late in the day to get results, so I was sent home, but only for overnight.

Back next day. More x-rays, this time heart and chest, and now I’m here for a while. Emergency surgery to remove a blockage, but because I’ve been on a prescribed blood thinner the surgery has to be postponed until it’s out of my system … until Tuesday.

(Photo by Gary McGuire)

So here I am. I’m on a clear fluids diet. Until yesterday that meant Jello three times a day, juices, black coffee and delicious broths – beef or chicken. I was particularly grateful for the broths to sooth my empty tummy.

Until yesterday.  Yesterday there was no lunch tray, and when I inquired I learned I’m now limited to scant sips of water or apple juice. There’s the I.V., of course, so I won’t starve, but that’s small consolation during this five-day waiting game.


Any comments left below will be printed out and taken to Norma,
as will any e-mailed messages sent to .
I know she loves hearing from her cyber friends.



8 thoughts on “The Waiting Game

  1. You are right, it goes fast sometimes. I hope to see you recoverd and home again very soon.
    Lots of greetings from Stockholm, Sweden

  2. I love the picture of you 🙂 You are in my thoughts daily and my heart always. I hope they are taking good care of you.Get well soon Auntie Norma .

  3. Hope you are soon again eating whatever you like…wonderful to read your attitude and see that picture !

  4. Waiting stinks. That’s probably why it is my word-for-the-year! I’m on a blood thinner, too – so this waiting game I’m familiar with, in theory at least. Haven’t yet had to face surgery since I started it two years ago. I’m on Coumadin though, which I think can be switched out for heparin if surgery is required. Maybe you’re on Plavix? Hope the wait goes by quickly, that our good God gives peace in the midst of it and that surgery goes simply and well when it comes.

  5. Nice to see that you are still able to smile – even under those conditions! You are truly an amazing woman – still posting even from your hospital bed and while on a meager diet to boot! Hang in there and know that we are all thinking about you.
    love, Norma

  6. Despite being in hospital, you look radiant! I love your smile. 🙂 I’m sure it’s been a LONG five days for you — I hope you’re able to have the surgery soon. Keeping you in thoughts and prayers, and sending my love.

  7. Thanks for posting an update Auntie Norma. I love the photo that Gary took of you. We are thinking good thoughts for you. Stay strong.
    Love Daria

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