Counting the hours to surgery

Another update from Norma in her hospital bed


When I approached my 50th birthday it didn’t affect me the same as some others who thought they were “over the hill.” One thought kept going through my mind: “I’m half way there.”

Now everyone knows that 50 is half of 100, so today, the 26th of June 2012, I am leaning heavily on that thought.

It is 3:00 AM and I am trying to get some sleep. Every time I am near to sleeping, someone or something wakes me up.

It is now 9:00 AM. Breakfast? They’ve been withholding food – even fluids now as we approach “The” day — Tuesday. I’ve had to wait five days before surgery to come off of blood thinners. Now I am about face-to-face with what God has planned for me.

I’m asking for your prayers. I know they will help me as I travel this unknown road. I need prayers for my son Danny, too, as he goes through chemotherapy. We are both in God’s hands.

There is a very special lady in my life — my niece, Carol. She brings me so much love, joy and thoughtful goodies. Visit her Careann’s Musings blog and see how special she is.

She made up a little book with photos of my family and hers to have here. She brought a CD player with relaxing music to help me pass the waiting time. (Did you know that a “Trooper” CD can help me relax?!) Carol’s husband, Bob, is very special too — he had the TV hooked up for me, and has been here with Carol every day. I am very blessed to have them as part of my family. I am grateful to God for all my family and friends.

Update: Later the doctor paid a visit, and he is allowing me to have a little ‘food’ again — juice, tea, beef broth and some jello. It may seem like a small thing, but a warm bowl of broth is comforting nourishment as I wait and count down the hours to my surgery, which should be sometime this afternoon.


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9 thoughts on “Counting the hours to surgery

  1. Danny has been in my prayers and my thoughts and since learning about your surgery you have been there too. Lets get this surgery over and done with and get you both on the road to recovery. I love you all so very much

  2. Our prayers are with you both, Need you well again soon so you can do the Blogg. Love from all here , Elsie and Family

  3. Good morning, Norma….
    I am off to work – my first day back. I can’t believe a week ago we were having tea/coffee together. Of course you are in my prayers, and Danny, too.
    I will be thinking of you all day and sending out good energies. I will also pray for the medical team – that God blesses them with all the skills and concentration to do what they must so that you are restored to us in a wonderful condition.
    And blessings for Carol and her husband, too!

  4. Norma, keeping you and Danny in my thoughts and prayers.

    Sending positive energy your way.
    Big Hug

  5. Father, God,
    Be with Norma and Danny in a very special way today. Grant favor to the medical personnel that their skill and expertise be helpful. We ask that you wrap all concerned in your mantle of love – Norma, Danny, Carol and all who love them. Thank you that you are our all-in-all, that you know the ends from the beginnings, and that you have made provision for all our circumstances.
    In Jesus’ most precious name.

  6. Hi Norma – you and Danny are in my prayers today especially but will keep you both in my prayers and thoughts over the next little while until all is well. It is 3:30 here in Edmonton right now and I’m hoping that you are out of surgery and looking forward to real food hopefully tomorrow. I know what you mean how good broth tastes when they won’t give you food. God bless both you and Danny

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