My Hospital Diary Continues


As I begin this post it’s somewhere around 11:00 PM on Tuesday June 26th. Ra has my watch. I forgot to get it back from him after coming out of the operating room.

He and Gary had visited with Danny this morning, and then came to wait with me through the rest of the day. They only left long enough to have lunch. Would you believe they brought back a photo of Gary’s lunch – rack of lamb. I wasn’t even allowed water!

It has been a very long, emotional day. My surgery is over and I need to thank each of you for your prayers – I know they helped me through this ordeal.


Little stuffed Grover, who has been with me ever since I arrived in Emergency, is awaiting breakfast with me. Yes, I get breakfast this morning … I’ll welcome those clear fluids again. My nurse, Brier, has taken pity on me and brought me a cup of apple juice to “tide me over” until 8:30 AM.

After the surgery last night the anesthetist told me I “did very well”. A miracle! So many miracles all around us. Do you have miracles around you?

Posting to this blog is one of the miracles.

(Photo by Ra McGuire)

I’m lying in bed listening to a CD as I write. My son Ra will transcribe this into his phone later this morning and email it to my niece, Carol (that special lady), and then she will post it on my blog Thursday. Ra’s telephone might also be the camera used to take pictures here at the hospital. And then I get comments from all over – not just Canada and the USA, but France, England, Germany, Sweden.



While Norma is in hospital, any comments left below, or e-mails sent to will be printed out and delivered to her.




6 thoughts on “My Hospital Diary Continues

  1. It is nice to see that your op is done. I hope you soon will be home again and go on posting photos and scetches. I am longing for it.
    All the best to you

  2. Thanks for letting us know how you are doing Aunty Norma, it makes me feel like we are there with you. Glad everything went well and I look forward to hearing about your first meal. Enjoy.
    Love Daria

  3. Well dont you look just fantastic after surgery !!! I look worse than that after a good nights sleep 🙂 I`m so glad you are well on your way to a full recovery. When you can have solids I`m thinking a little Chinese food and some mango pudding for you for being such a ( am I saying this ) trooper .
    Love you Auntie Norma

  4. You look great! It was nice to see a pic of you writing – seeing your special “lefty” slanted writing made me think of all the lovely cards I have received from you over the years. (of course you know I am also a lefty, but I never had that slant 😉 )
    That is wonderful that Ra is able to transcribe for you (on his phone!!) and take such a nice photo. Enjoy your meals as they start to resemble something you might recognize! 🙂
    love, Norma

  5. So glad that you are feeling well enough to carry on with your blog. You are an amazing lady just like Judith said. I’m hoping that when I’m out in Vancouver the beginning of August we will be able to come and visit you for a bit. It will all depend on Mom as she has started dialysis so need to see how she is feeling. If not maybe even Lynda and I can pop by for that cup of tea with you. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

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