More Entries from my Hospital Diary


 It’s 9:00 PM and I’m all tucked in, ready to have some sleep. It’s been a busy day with visitors morning and afternoon.

My sons, Ra and Gary, came this morning. Gary lives out of town so has been staying in my suite. He returned home today as he needs to go back to work. Ra’s wife has been away and flew home today, so he went to pick her up at the airport.

My niece, Carol, and her husband came this afternoon. She brings “print outs” from Flickr, e-mail and my blog, so I do get your messages.

I’m so grateful for your prayers. Please continue to send them, both for me as I heal and especially for my son Danny.

I actually had some solid food for dinner tonight – the first in more than a week! I didn’t eat very much of it as it will take my tummy a while to get used to Chicken Cacciatore!



Typical of a hospital breakfast – not the food, but the activity around it – simultaneously, a lady came to take my blood pressure, another one to “do vitals”, and another one to help me move into a better position, etc.

By the time I got to my meal, it was no longer at a very good temperature… but I enjoyed it anyway. The yoghurt, Cream of Wheat porridge with brown sugar, “Texas Toast” with jam, and orange juice were such a nice change from the liquid diet I’ve been on. I even asked for another cup of hot coffee and am enjoying that as I write this.

I have those special “stockings” on my legs… the kind that expand and contract to massage them. They ensure the blood keeps flowing as it should. That’s important, but they were part of the reason I didn’t sleep much last night. I was still wide awake at 3:00 AM and had no knitting available to settle me down.


Nurses are very special angels. Having some idea of what they might have to cope with, they still choose nursing as their profession. They are another one of my miracles!


At least I think it’s Friday… the 29th of June. I just finished another delicious breakfast — everything tastes delicious after a week of water, broth and Jello! Today it was orange juice, porridge and a lovely biscuit with strawberry jam.

I am making progress. It’s almost lunch time and I am sitting in a chair — but what’s more amazing is that I’ve already walked across the room! Surgery on Tuesday evening and walking on Friday morning. Another one of my miracles.

I’ll be sending this home later with Carol to post for Saturday’s blog. Not sure when my next post will be. In the meantime, have a Happy Canada Day weekend.



10 thoughts on “More Entries from my Hospital Diary

  1. I am so glad to hear you are doing well Aunty Norma. We are keeping Danny in thoughts these days as well. I want to wish you a Happy Canada Day too. In Sherwood Park our community has a huge celebration, Derek and his band are fortunate enough to be part of the Bev Facey Creative Music group getting to perform for two hours prior to the main act at the end of the night, I am really looking forward to it as that group is so talented. We received great news yesterday, Derek has been “conditionally accepted” into Grant MacEwan University Music Program. This means we have to pull all of his paperwork in as soon as we receive his final marks from Grade 12.

    Keep strong, and continue to keep us posted.

    Love Daria

  2. I was thinking about you yesterday as Pete and I were celebrating our 39th wedding anniversary. My mind always go back to that wonderful night and I always have been and always will be grateful for the way you stepped up to help at the reception with Mom being out of comission with her arm in a sling , there you were in the kitchen cutting up my wedding cake making sure everyone got a piece . Just as I think of you every June 29 th I have always thought of Ra on June 13th even with Mom gone all these years I still always wish Ra a Happy Birthday in my mind. You look so darned wonderful and your picture with Grover made me smile 🙂 I am so grateful to have you in my life. Blood doesnt make a family LOVE does and I love you Auntie Norma always have always will:) Get some rest so I can take you out for lunch when you are better. I decided to keep my distance during this time because I spend my days with my Grand kids and they are always coughing or complaining about one thing or another and I dont want you getting ill and having a set back in your recovery.
    In my thoughts every day
    Love you
    I also call Gary every Nov 19th and I used to call Uncle ray every Nov 21st. Our Birthdays were all 2 days apart. I have also kept Danny in my thoughts on his Birthday in Dec. His Birthday is the same as my oldest sons wedding anniversary 🙂
    Ok Ok I`m going now before this turns into a small novel
    love you

  3. Hi, Norma 🙂
    A wonderful photo – great to see you looking cheerful. Sitting up, walking around and enjoying solid foods again…..sounds like you are half-way out the door! You’ll stay in my prayers for awhile longer though but I’ve already added you to my “thank you, God,” side. 🙂 Danny is also included, as always.

    I have very little in the way of plans for the Canada Day Weekend. Perhaps just a quiet time, at least during the incessant rain. If it brightens up at all, you know I’ll be out there with my camera.

    Thank you for keeping in touch with us all. And thanks to family for assisting. You are loved very much, Norma.

  4. So glad your are recovering nicely and that they are feeding you real food again. Plus it sounds like it isn’t too bad. Take care and I have you and Danny is in my thoughts and prayers also. Hope both of you have a full recovery in the very near future. I know Danny has a hard road ahead with Chemo but I’m praying it isn’t too too bad for him.

  5. Hi Norma ~ I can’t get over how much better you are looking in this latest picture! I’m sure that being back on solid foods is making a huge difference, as well as much of the worry gone, now that you are on the road to recovery. It is truly amazing how quickly you are up and about after surgery now! It sounds like you are being well taken care of.
    Canada Day for us is celebrated a block from us along the Gorge waterfront. The streets are closed for about 10 blocks and there is entertainment, food, antique cars, food, canoeing, goods for sale, and did I mention food? 😉 I’m hoping that the rain will hold off for the day of celebration! Happy Canada Day!
    love, Norma

  6. Deeee-lighted that you’re making such good progress and feeling well enough to keep up with your blog. Still praying here for speeding healing and relief from post-surgical pain. That can really be a bummer. Grace and peace, Judith

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