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Home, and then not home again…

Although I’ve been recovering well from my surgery, unfortunately I had a bit of a setback on the weekend and am back in hospital. I hope it won’t be for long, but rather than have my niece post updates again, I’ve decided to take a break from blogging. I’ll take the summer off, then will re-evaluate in the fall whether or not to resume. Please check back here in early September for an update.

I’ve really been enjoying the many friends I’ve made here, and don’t like the idea of losing touch with any of you, but perhaps, once I’m out of hospital again, you’ll join me on my Nonie Vogue Flickr page, where I share my photography:

In the meantime, I’d appreciate your continued prayers for me and my son, Danny.



I’m Home!

It’s July 3rd and I’m home!

From the first “verdict” we were given in the emergency room, I wasn’t sure I would ever be here again. Four hours later they had decided to do a spinal for the surgery… and I made it!

I have tears of joy, and thankfulness to God, and to each of you who sent prayers and healing thoughts. It has been a very traumatic experience.

I’ve spent most of the last twelve days in bed, so it will take a while to get some strength back.

Please continue with the healing hands for my son, Danny, as he goes through chemotherapy.


Weekend Hospital Diary


Another eventful day. I took a couple more short walks today — another one of the miracles in my life.

Apparently I had prayers said for me at two churches last Sunday, as well as from my Flickr friends and my ‘Noni Grace’ blog friends. My niece’s husband, Bob, a Presbyterian minister, and Ken, the Pastor at our Baptist-owned facility, are both “in there” for me, too. One of my sons wondered how that would work — two different denominations?

I said, “Don’t worry; they’re both talking to the same guy.”


“It’s three o’clock in the morning. We’ve danced the whole night through.” Remember that song? If you are as old as me you will. Too bad the doctor said, “No more dancing” after I fractured my vertebrae.

I still haven’t been to sleep this night.

Remember how I said nurses were angels? Not all of them! Tonight’s shift has a couple that don’t quite make it into that group.


It is now twelve hours later. I did eventually get some sleep, and after a good breakfast I enjoyed an early visit from my daughter-in-law Debbie. She had already taken Ra to the airport for his show tonight in Alberta.

The day shift isn’t much of an improvement. A male nurse is part of the “crew”. I asked if someone could take me for a walk and he said he would after he finished something. I gave up waiting and got back into bed an hour later. They are really busy. Then I asked one of the nurses if she could please “straighten my bed.” She started to move the bed! I think maybe the cheese slid off her cracker!


I’ve just come back from a walk after a good supper. At home we have our dinner (biggest meal) at noon, but here we have it in the evening — I think that’s more natural for most of us.

I had a surprise visit from my son Gary and his wife Terri today, and also a friend from my assisted living complex, Audrey, came to see how I’m doing.


Canada Day! Dominion Day, when I was younger. I am proud to be a Canadian — the tenth generation born in Canada. Some of my ancestors came to what was later to be called Canada in 1751. Some came on the Mayflower in 1620!

Days are drifting into each other here at the hospital. They are more defined by the twelve hour shifts that the nurses work — 7:30 AM to 7:30 PM, with the second shift reversing, 7:30 PM to 7:30 AM. They work long days.

Just had breakfast — yogurt and porridge. A Belgian waffle was also on the tray but I’d had enough. Had a great sleep last night and feel much more refreshed today because of that.