Weekend Hospital Diary


Another eventful day. I took a couple more short walks today — another one of the miracles in my life.

Apparently I had prayers said for me at two churches last Sunday, as well as from my Flickr friends and my ‘Noni Grace’ blog friends. My niece’s husband, Bob, a Presbyterian minister, and Ken, the Pastor at our Baptist-owned facility, are both “in there” for me, too. One of my sons wondered how that would work — two different denominations?

I said, “Don’t worry; they’re both talking to the same guy.”


“It’s three o’clock in the morning. We’ve danced the whole night through.” Remember that song? If you are as old as me you will. Too bad the doctor said, “No more dancing” after I fractured my vertebrae.

I still haven’t been to sleep this night.

Remember how I said nurses were angels? Not all of them! Tonight’s shift has a couple that don’t quite make it into that group.


It is now twelve hours later. I did eventually get some sleep, and after a good breakfast I enjoyed an early visit from my daughter-in-law Debbie. She had already taken Ra to the airport for his show tonight in Alberta.

The day shift isn’t much of an improvement. A male nurse is part of the “crew”. I asked if someone could take me for a walk and he said he would after he finished something. I gave up waiting and got back into bed an hour later. They are really busy. Then I asked one of the nurses if she could please “straighten my bed.” She started to move the bed! I think maybe the cheese slid off her cracker!


I’ve just come back from a walk after a good supper. At home we have our dinner (biggest meal) at noon, but here we have it in the evening — I think that’s more natural for most of us.

I had a surprise visit from my son Gary and his wife Terri today, and also a friend from my assisted living complex, Audrey, came to see how I’m doing.


Canada Day! Dominion Day, when I was younger. I am proud to be a Canadian — the tenth generation born in Canada. Some of my ancestors came to what was later to be called Canada in 1751. Some came on the Mayflower in 1620!

Days are drifting into each other here at the hospital. They are more defined by the twelve hour shifts that the nurses work — 7:30 AM to 7:30 PM, with the second shift reversing, 7:30 PM to 7:30 AM. They work long days.

Just had breakfast — yogurt and porridge. A Belgian waffle was also on the tray but I’d had enough. Had a great sleep last night and feel much more refreshed today because of that.



11 thoughts on “Weekend Hospital Diary

  1. Glad you are getting back towards normal. I added Methodist prayers to your Baptist-Presbyterian mix. God must laugh or weep over our sectarian differences, I think. The important thing is to have a personal relationship with him. Church labels are just convenient pigeon-holes for us.

    I’m sorry that not all the nurses are angels, but twelve hour shifts ares brutal for them. I much prefer the three shift day: seven-thirty to three-thirty, three-thirty to eleven-thirty, and eleven-thirty to seven-thirty. Eight hour days are long enough for medical personnel.

    Keep smiling and improving. You’ll soon be back up and running full steam again. I’m sure of it.
    Grace and peace,

  2. Happy to hear your recovery is progressing well Noni. Great to hear you are back up on your feet and moving around. You will be jogging up Oxford Hill before you know it.

    Dave Chesney

  3. I`m still chuckling picturing the nurse trying to straighten your bed 🙂 I`m glad you are progressing so well and look forward to a face to face visit in the near future.
    Love you

  4. Good morning, Norma – wonderful to wake up to a blog report this morning and see how you are faring. I couldn’t help but to laugh over the “Talking to the same Guy” comment. Yes, that’s so true! 🙂
    Your expression “the cheese slid off the cracker” was priceless! 😀 I’ve not heard that expression before – and it’s a great one!
    Yes, in every profession there are those who are dedicated and passionate about their work, those who are in it for the money and a smattering of those who are in it for the power over other people. Nursing is no different – and yet what a difference attitude can make to patients!
    I hope you continue to get restful nights, enjoyable food and decent exercise…..and soon blow the joint! 🙂
    In my prayers, as always….

  5. So glad that you got a good nights sleep. It is amazing what a good nights sleep does for a person. Hope for the remainder of your stay at hospital (and heres hoping it is short) that your angels all return to work. Makes a huge difference if the nurses and happy and pleasant. Smiles make everyone heal much faster.

  6. Hi Norma, wishing you a belated Happy Canada Day!
    Glad to hear you’re recovering nicely. It’s great that you can post to your blog with Carol’s help. It’s interesting to hear of your day to day life in the hospital. No doubt you’ll be glad to get home and get back to your normal routine.
    This has been quite an ordeal for you, but as always you took it on the chin like a true trouper!
    All the best! Be well, and I’ll look forward to hearing that you’re back home!

  7. NOW I can leave a comment, too… knowing that you are home today, at long last, and will soon be able to read comments here instead of having to see them ‘second hand’ via printouts.

    It’s been a long twelve days for you, and we’ve prayed with you through them, trusting that God still has things for you to do in this life. Take time now to regain your strength and ease back into things, upheld by the continued prayers and good wishes of all your friends.

  8. My grateful “Thank you” to each of you for your prayers and healing thoughts. Once I get some strength back, maybe then we can have tea again. Might even find some cookies. You are very much appreciated.

  9. Hi Norma! I am so glad to hear you are getting much better. As for the nurses, you are right to say that they are not all angels……..I am 86, not far behind you and still enjoy my good health and hope to keep it for a long long time. You are in my prayers everyday.

    • Thanks for coming by, Denyse. So glad that you are enjoying good health. Maybe next time we can have that tea, but right now I have to go down for supper.

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