I’m Home!

It’s July 3rd and I’m home!

From the first “verdict” we were given in the emergency room, I wasn’t sure I would ever be here again. Four hours later they had decided to do a spinal for the surgery… and I made it!

I have tears of joy, and thankfulness to God, and to each of you who sent prayers and healing thoughts. It has been a very traumatic experience.

I’ve spent most of the last twelve days in bed, so it will take a while to get some strength back.

Please continue with the healing hands for my son, Danny, as he goes through chemotherapy.



23 thoughts on “I’m Home!

  1. Hi, Norma – it’s so nice to have you safely home again. 🙂 Just in time for the lovely weather, too. Yes, we will keep our prayers going for Danny.

    • Hi Heather! I ordered the lovely weather! Thanks for coming by and your comments… and your prayers, and continuing for Danny. Next time I’ll make tea!

  2. What wonderful news, you will continue to do well because you are strong. Hugh, Terri and Lola are here visiting and we are all thinking of Danny as well.

    Love Daria

  3. Welcome home pretty lady.I am grateful for your recovery and I am standing in Dannys corner fighting for him as well.Get some rest and I promise you there will be a lunch date when you are up to it.
    I love you

    • Dear Kalliie, one of these days when my appetite picks up, we’ll have that date. Thanks for all your prayers, and for those for Danny as well. Love from Auntie Norma.

  4. So glad to read that yo are home and doing well, will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.


  5. So glad that your home. Keeping you and Danny in my prayers. Hope to get a chance to visit you for tea when I’m out in Vancouver the first couple of weeks. Mom is having dialysis now and it isn’t going well. They are having problems with getting it to work properly so we are praying that it will start working properly for her. Take care and get your strength back.

    • my dear Bev… so glad to have you here with Lynda and we can have tea… maybe it will really happen when you are out here. I am sending my prayers for your mom.

  6. Thanking God, for sure, Auntie Norma! You and Danny will continue to be in our prayers. Hugs and love to you.

  7. So chuffed (that’s Scouse for “very pleased”) to hear you are back home again! I bet you’re glad to be back in your own place again. Best wishes from Liverpool (UK).

    • Hi MAggie… kettle’s boiling, so time for tea? Thank you for stopping by and for your good wishes.. Yes, I’m very happy to be home again. Still have to gain some strength, but that is gradually coming back.

    • Thanks for dropping by, Shari… will put the kettle on. Thank you for your prayers and healing thoughts for me and for Danny. They are much appreciated.

  8. Best to you Norma! I am sure the prayers were a blessing to you. I will definately keep Danny in my thoughts.
    A flickr friend, indirectly,
    Jane Wagner

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