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September Song

It is September, isn’t it? And I did say to check back in September for some word about this blog. So here goes.

It was fun when I started, talking about my life as a kid, and about my three sons when they were very young, but it started to be not so much fun, and then it got to be something “I had to do every day”… and that was pressure that I didn’t need. Especially after I had the surgery.

I thought the surgery was “no big deal”, but it was and continues to be a big deal that I am faced with every day. My emotions go from highs to low very easily… my son Danny, and I both need all the prayers and healing thoughts that you might send our way.

I miss the connections that I had with you, and I appreciate every one that visited.

So for now, I won’t say that this blog is finished, but the entries will be “now and again,” when and if I feel like writing. My love goes out to you… thanks for stopping by.