September Song

It is September, isn’t it? And I did say to check back in September for some word about this blog. So here goes.

It was fun when I started, talking about my life as a kid, and about my three sons when they were very young, but it started to be not so much fun, and then it got to be something “I had to do every day”… and that was pressure that I didn’t need. Especially after I had the surgery.

I thought the surgery was “no big deal”, but it was and continues to be a big deal that I am faced with every day. My emotions go from highs to low very easily… my son Danny, and I both need all the prayers and healing thoughts that you might send our way.

I miss the connections that I had with you, and I appreciate every one that visited.

So for now, I won’t say that this blog is finished, but the entries will be “now and again,” when and if I feel like writing. My love goes out to you… thanks for stopping by.



16 thoughts on “September Song

  1. Good morning lovely lady. I hope to see you very soon and give you a very very large hug.I love you and am keeping you and Danny in my thoughts and in my heart every single day.

  2. Hi Norma,
    What a lovely photo to welcome the coming fall! So very nice to hear from you again, but if this is putting pressure on you, then it is not the thing to be doing. Surgery takes time to heal, and that shouldn’t be rushed. So take it easy, and don’t feel that you ‘have’ to do anything – just concentrate on feeling better and we will be sending positive thoughts to you and Danny.
    love, Norma ♥♥

  3. Good afternoon, Norma. I’m glad to hear from you. Would hate to lose touch entirely, but completely understand the pressure thing. Just nip in now and again when you have something to say or when you want to hear from us. We’ll be monitoring. Sending good thoughts, prayers and a spare hug or two your way.

    • Good afternoon Judith. It is so special to connect with some of my friends… I almost forgot to put the kettle on for tea, but it wont take long. I do appreciate your comment, and especially the prayers. Thanks for coming by.

  4. Hi, Norma – what a stunningly beautiful pictures today. Wow!!! Wonderful to see you here on-line – but, yes, write when you feel like it and not because of a sense of obligation. My prayers will continue for both you and Danny.

    • Hi Heather. Kettle is on, tea will be ready soon. Thanks for coming by, and especially for your prayers for Danny and me. I must give credit to Carol for the gorgeous photo!

  5. So nice to see you on here today Aunty Norma. Thinking of you and Danny often and sending big hugs to you both…..
    Love Daria

    • Hi Daria. You are just in time to join us for tea. Don’t I wish that was really happening. Thanks for your comment and positive healing wishes.

  6. So glad to hear from you again. Lynda, Judy, Debbie and Susan went and saw Ra at the PNE last week and had a good time. Had hoped to see you when I was out in Vancouver for a few weeks but we were really busy with mom and her dialysis and then she got gout. Maybe next time I’m out there we can stop and have a real cup of tea with you. You will have to let Lynda and I know where you live. Look forward to reading your blog but understand why you don’t do it all the time as it becomes a chore and not fun. Both you and Danny are in my thoughts.

    • Hi Bev. Too bad we didn’t have a chance for tea while you were here… but I’ll pour one for you now. Glad you got to the Trooper concert. Will send an email. oops… I don’t have yours email address.
      Mine is

      drop me a line and I’ll send my address for you and Lynda.


    • Hi Norman… I hope you have time for tea so that we can enjoy a visit. I have missed my friends while taking time off from blogging, so it’s good to see your comment. I am gradually gaining strength, so who knows, I mights come back to it one of these days. I love your photos of your deer family.

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