Old Photographs

Old Photographs

What do you do with all those photographs that you take? Especially the ones of family and friends? Are they in an old shoe box? Or something similar?

Have you identified the people in each photo? After you have passed from this world, will anyone know Aunt Molly from Aunt Cecilia! Or Uncle Cedric from Uncle Harvey?

I was talking to a friend the other day, and he said how much he enjoyed my blog… especially because of all the photos I had used.

I have 14 albums, and from those, I scanned any with people, and they are now in my computer. It was a huge undertaking, but very well worth the time and energy that it took. I bought an attachment for my camera and photographed each one of my slides, so they are included in my files.

While looking for the picture that I used here today, I had many fond memories from times past that would have been lost if it were not for these priceless photos.

January would be a great time for you to start sorting photos that are in a box somewhere! Your family would be so grateful for a job well done.


6 thoughts on “Old Photographs

  1. So true, Norma. A great article! I have an old photo and only wish I knew the story behind it. It’s a young woman standing in the forest, wearing a long skirt and a white blouse with “pouffy” sleeves. I can just see the tops of her ankle-high boots. In one hand she is holding a racoon by the tail. Her other hand grips a rifle. Not your typical “around the Christmas tree” pose. heheh I’d love to know the woman…..and her story.
    Thanks for the great advice. 🙂

  2. You’ve done a wonderful job of preserving your family’s photo memories. You know all too well about my own stash of photos. One day I’m going to have them all neatly tucked into albums, but right now it only seems to happen a few at a time as other priorities interfere. I like your idea of renewing the effort in January.

  3. Judith, Heather, and Carol… I do so appreciate your visits and comments. Thanks for coming by, and I’ll get the kettle on for that cup of tea.

  4. Good Morning Norma; Now we know how you archived all those beautiful photos. Thank you for your hospitality and help at Evergreen the other day. Hope you have a great Sunday. Ra knocked everyone out of their seats Friday night at my fundraiser. Wow what a singer, but then you knew that.

    • Good morning, Dave,

      I knew he was great, but its always nice ti hear what others think because they are not as prejudiced as I am! It was a pleasure to have you here to let others know who to vote for!

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