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Ordering Books


A number of inquiries have been received about how to get copies of JOHNNY AND MR. FREDERICKS. If you’d like to order a copy please e-mail your request and complete postal address to the editor at:

and you’ll receive a reply with the address to which you can send the cheque made payable to “The Estate of Norma McGuire“.

For Canadian mail orders:

  • Book price:  $18.00
  • Postage & Envelope: $4.00 per book

Total per book:  $22.00 CDN


For U.S. mail orders:

  • Book price: $18.00
  • Postage & Envelope: $9.00 per book

Total per book:  $27.00 CDN

For any other international destinations please enquire via e-mail.



Can you keep a secret?

My family and my extended family,  including nieces and nephews, kept a very BIG secret from last summer until Christmas Day!

And they blew me away! Two years ago, we started editing what I had written about Johnny and Mr Fredericks — a fisherman sea captain and an orphan boy who became partners, and had many surprising adventures. “We” was my niece Carol, and myself, with the help of a dear friend, Heather.

It went through nine drafts before we thought it was really ready.

Johnny and Mr Fredericks were given a treasure map, so there is a treasure hunt, and pirates, and dragons and a rescue from an iceberg. It is filled with adventures.

The secret… they had my book published!!

I’m posting some pictures that my son, Ra, took of me as I realized what was in the box!






Food Bank Boxes

I live in an assisted living apartment block. There are 64 suites in this unit, some occupied by couples, some by singles. A continental breakfast, our lunch and dinner are all covered by our rent. There is no shortage of food for any of us.

20121216 Food boxesThere are people in the community that depend on the food bank to help them get through each month.

We have three large boxes set up in the lobby so that tenants can donate food to help out at the food bank. We thought that was a good idea to help others less fortunate.

Well, some of what has been put in those boxes to help out has disappeared. Packages of Rice, Oatmeal, Cans of Milk, and who knows what else…all gone. Would you believe that someone would steal from the food bank?

Those three boxes now sit on a trolly, and they are locked away at night! A little late, but there should not be any more thefts.