Food Bank Boxes

I live in an assisted living apartment block. There are 64 suites in this unit, some occupied by couples, some by singles. A continental breakfast, our lunch and dinner are all covered by our rent. There is no shortage of food for any of us.

20121216 Food boxesThere are people in the community that depend on the food bank to help them get through each month.

We have three large boxes set up in the lobby so that tenants can donate food to help out at the food bank. We thought that was a good idea to help others less fortunate.

Well, some of what has been put in those boxes to help out has disappeared. Packages of Rice, Oatmeal, Cans of Milk, and who knows what else…all gone. Would you believe that someone would steal from the food bank?

Those three boxes now sit on a trolly, and they are locked away at night! A little late, but there should not be any more thefts.



9 thoughts on “Food Bank Boxes

  1. That is really nice that your complex collects food for the needy. What a shame that someone would take from them – we can only hope that it is someone that truly needs the food.
    Merry Christmas to you, Norma. xoxo

  2. Hi Auntie Norma,
    Sadly I have seen this happen at the SuperStore across the street from me. It`s the same woman that does it and she just comes in with an empty buggy and loads up with the food. I stood vigil in front of it one day for over an hour. She kept coming back in the store looking to see if I was gone. She finally gave up and they finally moved the box to the front of Customer Service where they can keep an eye on it. Sad that people feel the need to take advantage of the generosity of others.
    I hope you are well .
    Love you Kallie

  3. Jean, Norma, Kallie,andCarol… thanks for stopping by. I do appreciate every one of your visits and your comments. Maybe next time I will have the kettle handy and we can have that cup of tea.

  4. I have to wonder if those doing the stealing might have some mental health issues. That’s so sad all the way around. Thankfully the majority of people are loving and giving.

  5. That is awful – there are so many people in need during the winter. Some of the local Christmas dances, hockey games and school concerts are for donations for the food bank in lieu of money this year!

    Have a very Merry Christmas Norma!!

    Love Phillip

    • Merry Christmas, Phillip! Too bad there are some people that would steal from the food bank… but we still were able to give a good donation.

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