Can you keep a secret?

My family and my extended family,  including nieces and nephews, kept a very BIG secret from last summer until Christmas Day!

And they blew me away! Two years ago, we started editing what I had written about Johnny and Mr Fredericks — a fisherman sea captain and an orphan boy who became partners, and had many surprising adventures. “We” was my niece Carol, and myself, with the help of a dear friend, Heather.

It went through nine drafts before we thought it was really ready.

Johnny and Mr Fredericks were given a treasure map, so there is a treasure hunt, and pirates, and dragons and a rescue from an iceberg. It is filled with adventures.

The secret… they had my book published!!

I’m posting some pictures that my son, Ra, took of me as I realized what was in the box!







18 thoughts on “Surprises!!!

  1. Oh, Norma – what a wonderful posting! I love the pictures and can only imagine your emotional reaction. Such a gift there never was! Thank you so much for sharing this most precious moment with us all.

  2. Heather, Phillip, and mentalcleanse… I do appreciate your visits and comments. I hope you will want to come back. The kettle is on, so will you stay for tea? I even have some Christmas goodies supplied to me by dear friends.

  3. I will take some tea Norma but as far as goodies I am stuffed. Mom made me a (rum soaked) fruitcake and I ate three quarters of it in one day. I have to go lay down – ha!! …. have a great holiday!

  4. to those who are asking how to buy one of these books, … We have to find out the cost of mailing it out… as soon as possible, I will let you know what the procedure will be!!

    • Hello Daria! I’ll pour the tea and we can visit for a while. Still haven’t figured out the best way to send out copies of my book… will try to let you all know soon.

  5. Dear Norma, I feel like I know you from the stories of your creativity told me by Carol…(what a great family you have), and I’m so looking forward to reading your book!!! Love the photos herein.
    Fondly, Earlene.

    • Good morning, Earlene! I feel that I know you, just a little bit, because of Carol! Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I do appreciate your visit. would you like to join us for tea?

  6. A couple years ago, my daughter had two years of my blog bound and published. What a shock and surprise. So I could feel a little of what you must have felt to open this box–and that second photo–well, it just puddled me. Congratulations!

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