We had pizza for supper tonight, and it brought back some memories.

Food_Pizza copyWhen our three sons were ten and under, we didn’t go out for supper very often. If we did go out to eat it was usually to Chinatown (Vancouver) and we could order a two dollar dinner and end up taking some home! They usually gave us an extra dish to try.

We really didn’t know very much about pizza. That was some new-fangled thing. So was lasagna.

My husband’s uncle Jack used to come and visit now and again. This night he was going to take us out for dinner…for pizza. We had never tasted pizza before, so we were looking forward to something new.

They brought the menu and Uncle Jack said to order anything we wanted. So… we each ordered a pizza! I told you, we had never had it before. Can you imagine how much we had to take home!!!


6 thoughts on “Pizza

  1. Hi, Norma…..your posting inspired me to look back and figure out when I first had pizza. I think I was twenty years old at the time and working at a small pizza restaurant in West Vancouver. A great experience. 🙂
    I sure hope Uncle Jack had a big wallet! 🙂

  2. We generally cook one for three of us. When it’s just friend-husband and me, we cook one and eat twice. I love pizza, just not that often.

    Good to hear from you, Norma. I think about you when you’re silent on the blog and wonder how things are going for you.

  3. Heather, Kallie, Carol and Judith. What a nice tea party we can have. The kettle is boiling. I am so grateful for each of you dropping by, and I appreciate your comments.

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