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It’s A Small World!

Small world!

Twenty two years ago, a one year old baby was taken to see Santa Clause at Woodwards in Guildford Town Center. His real name was Percy… I don’t know his last name. He was a great Santa, and is fondly remembered by many families, including some of mine.

That little baby is now twenty three, and is working here, at Evergreen Heights as the Recreation head… and is doing a great job. As a special treat this morning, she served us a pancake breakfast, with bacon and eggs and a muffin.

Guess who she served this morning… yep,…. Percy! Santa Clause lives here now; still has that great beard and long hair and the twinkle in his eye. And at Christmas he dressed in his red and white suit to greet the groups of children that came to visit!Brandi, Percy copy copy

It’s a small, Wonderful world!



I went down to the Treetop Lounge (yes it’s on the main floor, not at the top as the name suggests!) for Hymn sing. It’s every Wednesday afternoon at 2:30.

A lady in her nineties comes from The Manor, the other building  in this complex, and plays the organ… and pastor Ken plays guitar. Today he had lost his pick and asked one of the ladies to see if there was one in the drawer…No, not there.

I had just come home  from an errand, and went right there, so still had my purse with me. I said I had a pick, but would only loan it to him… he had to give it back!

2013-03-20  Guitar pic

He reluctantly gave it back.

Written on the pick was “Trooper.. Ra McGuire” My son gave it to me many years ago, and it is always in my purse with my change.

Funny how that worked… I don’t carry my purse with me unless I have been out.

Half way through the program, the lights went out. Heard later that someone hit a pole and the transformer went”that a way.” We carried on with just the guitar. The organ was now out of commission….no power!

I was going to sit in my favourite chair and see if I could have a nap… no.. it’s one of those  operated by electricity …. one that lifts you to make rising a little easier. We take electricity so for granted that we don’t even realize what the loss of it can do. No TV, No computer, no Printer, no Fridge, no Lights!

2013-03-20 FlashlightWhile it was still early afternoon, we had time to go home and look for the flashlight, and change the batteries! Mine was a gift from my son, Ra, the kind that Trooper use when needed.

The light came back on at seven thirty, so we got back too a more normal evening.

Dog-toothed Violets.

Dog-toothed  Violets.

About this time every year, Hi Knoll Park draws many visitors to see the dog-toothed violets that are on display near the main gate on 48th Avenue in Langley.

I used to live a short block away from that main gate, and always kept an eye out for these special beauties.

The flowers grow on long stems, with just two leaves at ground level, parallel to the ground. The curves of the petals fascinated me, so I picked a few (not supposed to) and took them home to draw. That was quite a few years ago, even before I moved to white Rock…. but I was thinking about them , so got out the photos and my drawings, and did another pen and ink sketch! It was always a special added treat if we found trilliums somewhere near by.20130306 dog toothed violets

My sons always warned me not to go in the park alone. NO, I won’t… but this day I wanted to see if the violets were in bloom.

Just before I was to turn in at the gate a fairly large teenage boy passed me. I smiled and said hello, and he answered, and kept going.  I saw him turn into a yard a couple of houses ahead.

I turned into the gate and walked a ways down the hill until I got to the gorgeous flowers. Then, kind of out of the corner of my eye I saw a movement up ahead…someone cutting in from the road, and heading up my way…yes.. it was the same teenager.

I KNEW I was in danger. I had to get back to the road where I came into the park, so that I was visible to anyone in the area. “Don’t go too fast or you might fall”, “ Get out of here as fast as you can!”  The footing was uneven… “be careful”.

I did get out to where there were cars going by, and people walking, and I was truly grateful. He turned back as soon as I got on the road.

You know, I never went in that park by myself ever again!! My sons were right!