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Bent and Broken


My son , Ra, and Brian Smith have been partners in the band Trooper, for 48 years! That hasn’t always been the name of the band, but it has been ever since they started recording. This post is not really about Trooper.

We became good friends with Brian’s parents, Dennis and Beryl. Many times they would come to where we were displaying paintings, or to our home, for a visit.

The first time we invited them for dinner, we decided to have some fun (on them!) We gathered together some old cutlery… even went to a thrift store and bought some as we didn’t have a complete set for four people.

We took the cutlery down in the basement and proceeded to bend and smash the individual pieces Spoons got holes put in them as well as twisted and bent  handles. We had so much fun…laughing all the time as we pictured what they would think.

crooked lcutleryI used a lace tablecloth, and set the table as nicely as possible.  The twisted knives, forks and spoons were wrapped in the serviettes, so no one could see them ahead of time.

How I wish you could have seen Beryl’s face. She was shocked, and thought that was all we had to eat with! We didn’t fool Dennis!

After getting our proper utensils, we laughed through the whole meal… and we ended up giving them the bent cutlery so they could fool some of their friends.

After that, if I was cooking a roast of beef, I would phone and tell them what we were having and ask Dennis to make the yorkshire pudding! He would bring his own ingredients and the pan to mix them in. They sure were delicious.

Old friends are treasures, aren’t they!

Door Prize.

P1020062 copyIf you read my last post you will remember that I won one of the door prizes at  the Volunteer Appreciation “do”…and I chose a miniture rose bush.

Several of my blog reading friends have asked me to produce a picture so they could see just what it is like.

roses door prizeI had taken a picture of it on my table…but that picture showed all the “stuff” that lives on my table all the time.

And that’s the same table that I have my breakfast on, do my drawings on, and even paint on it. My camera lives there, as do some of the pills that I have to take.My journal, a calendar, and even a terrarium. Now you know why I didn’t use that photo of the rose!

So, I got out the camera, moved the rose bush to a different location and took two more photos of it. I hope you enjoy them!

Volunteer Appreciation

P1020056I live at Evergreen Heights, one of a three building group that is called the  Baptist Church Campus of Care.

Today was a special day. All the volunteers were invited to a special program from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM,They served a huge, delicious cake and punch and fresh fruit…all very delicious.


They had quite a few good door prizes and you were allowed to pick the one you liked best. I won  a lovely miniture rose bush, sitting on a little chair,… a very special kind..beautiful!

The theme of the party was “ volunteers make magical moments,” so they had a magician to entertain us. Some of the things he did were mind boggling…. like turning a twenty dollar bill into a five. Then turning it back into the twenty after having torn it, and mended it.P1020059

The work that some of us do is purely voluntary but it is so nice to be recognized!



It’s funny how small things can trigger memories from long ago.

Dunking my multigrain roll in my tea reminds me of my Grandma Andrews! She was the only one of my grandparents still alive when I was born, and she died when I was seven.

She lived with my Mom’s sister, but would come for visits with us, and would stay for a week  or more at a time. I remember she always dressed in a long, black dress. She was a tailoress, so probably made her own clothes.

In some of the photos of her she looks quite stern, but in reality, she was a softee! And I loved her.208__250x250_qa-teapot-footed

If she wanted a snack, she would brew some tea, then butter a piece of bread and put it on her plate. After pouring tea on the bread, she added sugar and then enjoyed eating it.

And my memories of her are triggered every time I dunk my roll in my tea!

Easter dinner!

Easter Sunday was the 31st of March this year. I was invited to Ra’s for Easter dinner at noon. Pick up time was 11:45. I am always in the lobby when Ra comes for me.

Except for this time. When I wasn’t there Ra knew something was wrong. One of the staff was just about to phone me to see if I was coming down for lunch, so she came up with my son… and they found me.

I was sitting in my chair, my eyes wide open, but I couldn’t see, nor speak. They called the LPN and she called the Paramedics in the

Apparently (I don’t remember) I had the frying pan on the stove with the butter in it… The egg was sitting on the counter, not cracked yet. Luckily I did not turn the stove on! I took The tylenol bottle and  glass of water with me when I went and sat down.

I was “Out of it” for two days. When I did come back out of where ever I had been Ra said “you’re in the hospital, Mom”….  “I said NO I’M NOT!”

Doctors ruled out a stroke,,,, They think it was some kind of infection, but they really don’t know what happened to me.

So, I am back home but sure have to gain some strength copy