Easter dinner!

Easter Sunday was the 31st of March this year. I was invited to Ra’s for Easter dinner at noon. Pick up time was 11:45. I am always in the lobby when Ra comes for me.

Except for this time. When I wasn’t there Ra knew something was wrong. One of the staff was just about to phone me to see if I was coming down for lunch, so she came up with my son… and they found me.

I was sitting in my chair, my eyes wide open, but I couldn’t see, nor speak. They called the LPN and she called the Paramedics in the ambulance..photo

Apparently (I don’t remember) I had the frying pan on the stove with the butter in it… The egg was sitting on the counter, not cracked yet. Luckily I did not turn the stove on! I took The tylenol bottle and  glass of water with me when I went and sat down.

I was “Out of it” for two days. When I did come back out of where ever I had been Ra said “you’re in the hospital, Mom”….  “I said NO I’M NOT!”

Doctors ruled out a stroke,,,, They think it was some kind of infection, but they really don’t know what happened to me.

So, I am back home but sure have to gain some strength back.photo copy


26 thoughts on “Easter dinner!

    • Hi Marcela! Thanks for visiting and for you comment. I was not terrified because I didn’t know it had happened! I was right out of it the first two days.

  1. Oh wow – that must have given everyone a bit of a scare! So glad that you are back home again and on the mend. xo

  2. Good grief, I thought you were a little too quiet this last week. I’m so relieved you are okay and back home, Norma. (and sending us blogs, to boot!) Hugs!

  3. Oh Auntie Norma what a terrible ordeal for you. I am so glad you are home and resting. How is it that you always look your best when you are at your worst ? It`s as though nothing can keep you down ( for which I am grateful ) I hope this was a one time event and that you get your strength back soon !
    love you

    • Hello Kallie! It wasn’t much fun, but where I needed to be for what ailed me.
      I love you, too, Kallie.

    • Hi Norman! It was a trip as well as an adventure. I’d rather not go there again, though. Thanks for your visit….I do appreciate everyone who c\cmes by.

  4. Very odd, you had obviously been sitting there since breakfast… Never heard of this happening to anybody else.. Maybe you were abducted by aliens who wanted to study your brain to see how you got all your talents and after they found out they brought you back.. 8^)
    Take care Norma!!

    • Mornin, Jean! Maybe the doctors should have considered that as a possibility… they never figured out what happened to me!

  5. Good morning Auntie Norma, so glad to hear that you are back home and recovering from whatever got you, I guess you will need a rain check for that Easter Dinner!! Take care, Love Dayle

    • Good morning, Dayle. Thanks for stopping by and for the comment. Guess we will never know what it was!

  6. Norma, I am so glad you are ok. I had something like that happen to me about four years ago. I was out trimming some bushes, and I got hot came in sat down, and next thing I realized my husband was taking me to the ER. I didn’t remember much of what went on, i was there overnight, and was fine the next day. They gave me no conclusive diagnosis after many tests. My son, who is a physical therapist, researched my symptoms, and he called it Trans Global Amnesia. You might look that up to see if it fits your symptoms. Glad you were sitting and didn’t fall over.
    Best wishes, Rebecca

  7. Aunty Norma, you keep scaring us. I am glad you are home recovering now. Thank you so much for keeping us informed, living so far away from you we never know until you post.
    Love Daria

    • Dear Daria,
      I’m sorry I keep scaring you… I scare me, too! Thanks for stopping by and for your comment. Hopefully I wont scare you again for quite a while!

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