Door Prize.

P1020062 copyIf you read my last post you will remember that I won one of the door prizes at  the Volunteer Appreciation “do”…and I chose a miniture rose bush.

Several of my blog reading friends have asked me to produce a picture so they could see just what it is like.

roses door prizeI had taken a picture of it on my table…but that picture showed all the “stuff” that lives on my table all the time.

And that’s the same table that I have my breakfast on, do my drawings on, and even paint on it. My camera lives there, as do some of the pills that I have to take.My journal, a calendar, and even a terrarium. Now you know why I didn’t use that photo of the rose!

So, I got out the camera, moved the rose bush to a different location and took two more photos of it. I hope you enjoy them!


5 thoughts on “Door Prize.

  1. Cute prize. I have a table like that that I use for scrapbooking. Seems every time I get it cleaned up it stays that way for only a short time then I have a lot of other things on it again.

  2. I love your table, Norma – it’s where your heart lives. 🙂
    Gorgeous mini rose bush – lovely flowers. Thank you for sharing it with us!

  3. What a lovely prize! The roses are beautiful and its little stand is, too. As for messes… you don’t want to see the work table in my office right now! The only advantage of it being in there and not out in my kitchen is that I can close the door on it. I think a cluttered table (or desk) is supposed to be an indication of a busy, creative person. At least, that’s the excuse I use! 😉

  4. Lovely Rose and they last , I put mine in the garden and it bloomed again last year, Hope it made the winter this time. My desk is a mess but when some tries to orgense it takes me awhile to find things again . Enjoy your rose Elsie

  5. Bev, Heather, Carol and Elsie…. I put the kettle on so we can all sit and have a cup of tea and visit for a while. Thanks to each of you for coming by and for your comments. I appreciate every one of them.

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