Jigsaws and Flowers

There is always a jigsaw puzzle being worked on in the craft room. There are a few people that work on them “all the time”. Occasionally I work on one for short periods of time.

I am their official photographer. They have a record of every puzzle they have done.P1020068

This morning I took my camera down and photographed the one they finished yesterday. There was already a new one started! This post is not about jigsaw puzzles… this is just “background” stuff!P1020065

As I turned around I was putting my camera back in the case, and happened to look over at the desk that belongs to the person in charge of recreation….and there, on her desk, was a gorgeous tulip!

Needless to say, I got the camera out once more and took a couple of pictures! And I am sharing them with you. Enjoy!


10 thoughts on “Jigsaws and Flowers

    • Hello Judith.Thanks for stopping b y… and you are just in time for tea. Come sit a while as we sit over a cup…

    • Welcome, Carol. You”re just in time to join Heather and me for tea. Sugar? Creme?

      Thanks for coming and for your comments.

  1. Love the tulip. Ours aren’t up yet but at least they have the leaves up through the ground. Looking forward to hopefully seeing some flowers in bloom when I go and visit Mom in Vancouver next week.

    • HI Bev! nice to have you dropping by. Tea is ready to pour, so let’s have a cup.
      When you come to Vancouver to visit your mom, is there any chance you could come to White Rock? I would love to see both of you!

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