Wanderings of my mind

Has summer arrived?

It really feels like it today. It is supposed to be breaking records.  I know it feels like summer… and the beach is crowded with others who think the same way!P1020071

We have two patio areas here where I live… one on the sunny side, and one on the shady side.  Begonias for the shady side have just been planted and that inspired me to take my camera with me to photograph them. The sunny side will have geraniums (already planted)The “fill” plants are still waiting to join them.P1020074

As you probably have figured out, I wander around in my posts! Summer reminds me of the summer cottage we had at Boundary Bay, on the Canadian side, when I was a kid… 7 or 8 years old. We had big bonfires on the beach at night, roasted marshmallows and wieners… and told stories.

Braden’s had the cabin right behind ours. He was the minister at Ryerson United Church, where our family attended. Bernie Braden, their son, was a real comic, and he was always there. He later became a famous actor in Londion, England.

My brothers and sister used to go at night and watch the rum runners crossing the border between Canada and the United States, with the police chasing after them! Quite exciting, but I “wasn’t old enough to go.” It was still exciting to hear them tell what they had seen.


9 thoughts on “Wanderings of my mind

  1. We get to a stage in life where memories can be a huge source of pleasure. I love the burgeoning of spring and new plants growing. But, I have to be contented with watching other people’s gardening efforts because I have the world’s largest gangrene thumb. I can even kill mother-in-law’s tongue. 🙂

    • Hi Judith! It is always good to find you visiting… lets have that cup of tea. Thanks for your comment… like me these days… I just don’t want the work involved in growing things.

  2. Hi again Auntie Norma 🙂
    What I have enjoyed most about your last few posts is the frequency in which you have posted them which leads me to believe you are feeling more yourself these days. I hope I am right. Its always a pleasure to hear what you have to share with us.
    Love you my dear

    • Hello dear Kallie, So pleased to see that you are visiting, and commenting. Yes, I am getting stronger, so am able to do more.

  3. Memories of those summertimes of bygone years are special. I loved summer evenings when it was still light and I was allowed outside after dinner to play games with the neighbourhood children — Hide & seek, Pum-pum-pullaway, Alley-alley-high-over the roof — which you couldn’t do in the winter on a school night. I loved our tenting holiday trips, especially when I was finally old enough to go with my parents to the cabin. Thanks for prodding my memory! 😉

    • Hi Carol,
      Thanks for visiting and for your comment. It’s funny how one thing can trigger a lot of memories, isn’t it.

  4. I loved you story – wow, I’m so far behind in my emails and was delighted to come across this one. Boundary Bay is one of my favourite places so it was wonderful to read a story about it. Loved the bit about that rum running’ and police chasin’. I wonder who was getting cheered on. 😀

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