May 9th.

A guessing game.

Tomorrow is May 9th.

Nonie Grace’ birthday!!!

When I look back, so many memories flood my mind. So many changes over the years. From Vancouver, where I was born, to Beaver Valley in the Cariboo, back to Vancouver, then to Langley.  Then back to Vancouver again. And that’s just some of them!

I remember some of my birthdays! There’s quite a few of them!Norma

The reason for this post is to see how many of you can guess my age! I wont be insulted if you think I am older than I really am…  and will feel good if you guess younger!book

So, give it a try!cards


19 thoughts on “May 9th.

  1. I think your age was mentioned on Flickr once, but I forget what it was…my short-term memory is not as good as it was when I was younger…

  2. Since I happen to know which birthday it is, I’ll keep mum and let others do the guessing. I’ve always liked the slogan you chose for the back of those lovely hasti-notes and cards: “Never Too Late”. Regardless of the challenges life dished out over the years, you’ve stayed busy with so many artistic pursuits it boggles my mind! However you choose to spend tomorrow I hope your birthday is filled with happiness, warm memories and much love.

    • Hi Carol, Thanks for coming by and commenting… I will be having lunch at Ra and Debbie’s, and I have a lot of love from family and friends. I am truly blessed, and I am grateful.

  3. Not fair – I know your age, so I will just say you are 30 years plus one week older than I am!!
    Have a wonderful day. xo

  4. According to my figures and our conversations, I think you are about eight or ten years ahead of me. Since I will be 74 next month, that would put you in the 82-84 range. Unless, of course, my figures are wrong…. which is a definite possibility.

    Which ever one it is, I hope it’s the best one yet. Happy, happy, HAPPY Birthday!!!

    • Hi Judith. That took some figuring… but you are a few years!
      Thanks for the birthday wishes and for commenting on my blog.

  5. Happy Birthday Norma from all of us here at “The WhiteHouse” Hope you have a good one. Say hello to Ra and Debbie from all of us.

    • Hi Bob! So good to see you commenting… and thanks for the Birthday wishes. Will be having lunch at Ra and Debbie’s tomorrow, so can deliver your message to them.

  6. heheh I won’t guess because I know. 😀 May your birthday be filled with love and sunshine!

    • Hi Heather. I’m not sure about the sunshine, but I know it will be filled with love. Thanks for coming by and for your good wishes.

  7. Hello again lovely lady,
    I hope this day was everything you wanted it to be and more !
    Happy Birthday again:)
    Love you

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