Cloverdale Rodeo

The 24th of May long weekend has always been the time for the rodeo in Cloverdale, and it starts off with the Rodeo parade.

We usually had a painting display at Guildford, and management would ask us to be part of the team that represented Guildford Town Center. They rented horses for all of us.Cloverdale parade

We headed up the “team” with my husband walking  beside me while I rode… in a dress! I just figured it out… that was about 45 years ago!

cloverdale rodeoOne year we had Linda Rivers and Evie Joseph  with us.  At the pancake breakfast at Guildford before we went to Cloverdale for the parade,  Linda and Evie stole the show… the Rodeo queen and her entourage were not happy, as all the attention was going to our girls.  They were both very beautiful young ladies.


10 thoughts on “Cloverdale Rodeo

  1. Hi Norma – great old photos; a piece of history! 🙂 While the fair still exists, I miss the long gone features that made the Cloverdale Farm Fair so special; the home craft displays, floral arranging demonstrations, photography display and contests and especially the First Nations dancing and singing. I especially loved to browse through the tables of original First Nations craft work and purchase something handmade and beautiful. Thanks for the memories! 🙂

    • Hi, Heather! Thanks for stopping by… the kettle’s on, so sit a while. There are a lot of memories tied up with the rodeo, but I haven’t been there in a very long time.

    • HI Judith, Yes, there are a lot of good memories of those earlier times. Tea is ready, so sit a while!

    • Hi Dave! Thanks for coming by and commenting. Sorry if I left you “wanting more”… but that’s a good thing… it will bring you back again! Tea is steady… do you want to pour?

    • Dear Carol, Thanks for your comment… have some tea? Too bad you missed seeing the rodeo… now I’m not able to wander around an exhibition any more.

  2. Good morning Auntie Norma,
    We`ll be taking the Grandkids to the Rodeo this weekend and make some memories with them. I have a picture of you and Uncle Buddy in those outfits standing in front of a school ( I believe it`s a Vancouver school) I remeber in Grade 6 going to school and our teacher asking us what we did on the weekend and I stood up proudly and said ” we went to the Roverdale Clodeo ” he asked me if I saw any Owboys and Cindians. I was mortified oh my. Once again thanks for sharing 🙂
    Love you

  3. Dear Kallie, Good to see you here, commenting.You must have been mortified, but it is funny!
    Ready for tea?

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