Many year ago, we showed our paintings in some of the malls.  Brentwood Mall was going to have an “Hawaiian Days” promotion, and Art,  the manager asked us to participate. They had a water area, and they made an  island in the middle of it, and then asked my husband to be Makahuku, the ship wrecked artist.

Anyone that wanted a pastel portrait  done had to go across a little bridge to where the artist was set up. I was in the mall right where the bridge was, taking names and arranging time for them to have their portrait done.

They also brought entertainers from Hawaii. Jessie Nakoka, Loretta Chin, and three younger girls to dance. Moanalonj, Aloaloni, and Kauimiolikukanaokala Kamakaokilanie, who was called Kaui.

It was Gordon Gibson (from Vancouver) who brought the dancers there, as he was advertising his vacation resort, the Maui Lu.

The Hawaiians kind of adopted us, and Kaui and Moana invited us to come to their graduation in June. Loretta invited us to stay at her place… they had a suite across the back of their home that had been built for her mother.

Loretta wanted us to attend the Holoku Ball that would be held in Honolulu… we were to stay with her mother…

Loretta and I went shopping for material… and I made a holoku  for myself, and a matching sash for my husband. I practiced walking in the holoku There would be a prize for the best Hawaiian couple, and one for the best Haulie couple ( non Hawaiian).Mickey, Norma

Then my husband got a kidney stone attack, so we left the next day… no  staying in Honolulu…no Holoku Ball… but better to be home if he needed to go to the hospital.

We got to wear our Hawaiian outfits on painting displays when there was a Hawaiian theme… and even won a prize for the best dressed of all the staff members.

13 thoughts on “Hawaii

    • Hi Judith, Too bad I don’t look like that now! It was fun, but we were also getting very homesick!

  1. Good morning, Norma. 🙂 I’m hoping you had to look up Kaui’s full name! They must have loved you very much to invite you to their home like that. A wonderful story. 🙂

    • No, Heather… I didn’t have to look up Kaui’s full name. How could you forget that?

      At their graduations, all the girls wore the same thing and all the boys wore the same. I think that is a good idea… then no one is trying to spend more on her dress than any one else.

      • heheh I feel humbled! What a magnificent memory you have! 🙂
        I was happy to wear a uniform when I schooled in Montreal.

  2. You two look very elegant all dressed up for the occasion. Such a shame the kidney stone cut short the trip and you missed the ball, but you were prize winners just the same.

    • Hi Carol, I’m a bit late getting back to answering. I do appreciate your visit and your comment. How about a cup of tea?

      Flickr won’t accept my comment as is… they say it is a duplicate! Soo… any more bears hanging out at your place? Poor birds get done out of their feeds because of the bear hanging around!

  3. Beautiful picture of you guys 🙂 I remember being in Nana`s kitchen and the talk around the table was poor Uncle Buddy was going to know what a woman in labor went through. I didnt understand that statement then bit I sure do now ! Have a wonderful day my dear.
    Love you

  4. Hello, Kallie! so nice to see you every time there is a new post on my sight…
    flickr keeps telling me my comments are a duplicate and wont accept them…s0 I will have to ad something new! Let’s see..Where are you working now, Kalle That should do it.

  5. silly flickr 🙂 I work for a company in Aldergrove that formulates and bottles lawn care products, however tomorrow I will be at Bear Creek Elementary School for my 2 Grandsons Sports Day . I must say I dont know why they call it Sports Day anymore because there are no sports involved 🙂 I look forward to each and every one of your posts Auntie Norma. It makes me feel closer to you and I love the connection !

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