People Watching!

Tonight at supper time in the dining room we had to wait a short period while the servers were  going around. Sometimes we are the first to be served, and sometimes, like tonight, we are the last. That’s okay, it gives us time to people watch!

We all start out pretty much with the same neat little body… but what happens to some of us isn’t that beautiful. I have a “baby image” to represent the beginning.  I went on the internet looking for pictures of “over weight”  people. What I saw was enough to gross me out… so I refuse to post any of them on my blog… I don’t want to offend any one.

1950:08:27 Ramon 5The apartment where I live has 84 suites….some with two occupants, but most with singles. Our meals are served in two sittings… I’m with the first sitting. So that means there are around 45 to 50 people to a sitting.

That gives a pretty good variety of “body shapes”, from very thin (too thin) to overweight, and even some obese. Even our servers have this range of shapes to speculate over. How did they get that way? Why don’t they try to do something about losing some of the excess weight?

Will power doesn’t seem to do the trick…I have lots of will power….maybe what’s needed is some WON’T POWER! What do you think?!



14 thoughts on “PEOPLE WATCHING

  1. It’s all about chemistry; intake, absorption, metabolisms, oxygen, salt, potassium, sugar levels, PH etc. Of course we can’t forget functionality of the pancreas, thyroid and kidneys. Then add in exercise or lack thereof. Stir in some genetics ….and don’t forget emotion: “comfort food,” boredom. Whew! It makes my mind spin.
    Maybe it’s better to just think of us as snowflakes. 🙂

    • Welcome Heather… boy, it’s no wonder that we are all different! Snowflakes are cold… how about a beautiful flower instead of snowflakes? Sorry, no tea today… I have an appointment with an eye doctor to see if he can figure out what my problem is. Seeing double is not easy to live with. I go to draw and I have two points on the pencil!

      • Morning 🙂 Keep me posted. Rats, I thought they could fix that with prisms. Good luck, my dear!

  2. On the nineteenth, we had a celebration of friend-husband’s eightieth birthday. In the festivities, two of my daughters and a grandson polished up a power point presentation of his life. When they came to the pictures of us at the time of our marriage, there was an audible gasp from the audience. “Look how thin they are!” 🙂 There is actually 40 percent of me that friend-husband isn’t even legally married to.

    • My dear Judith! Thanks for the laugh you gave me this morning…Your friend-husband is not legally married to 40% of you!!! I love your sense of humor

  3. Though not obese I have struggled with the extra pounds I put on when I quit smoking . Will power I obviously have as I havent smoked in eight years. So I guess 20 % of me isnt legally married to Pete:) I dont have a sweet tooth and I walk everywhere I go and stay active. I guess the weight is emotionally attached to me because it sure doesnt want to go 🙂
    Have a great day
    Love you

    • dear Kallie, I always look for your comment and I do appreciate that you’ re one of my loyal “Fans”. Sorry there is no tea being served this morning…I have an appointment with another eye doctor,and i hope he can help me get rid of my problem.

  4. I’m one who struggles with extra weight, as you know… lost all the excess at one time and eventually gained most of it back, despite being determined not to. You’re right… will power isn’t always enough. I guess there has to be motivation, too… something strong enough to maintain the will power!

    I hope your appointment today finally provides a solution to the double vision problem. Let me know how it goes.

    • I hope all went well with you eye appointment and the double vision is cleared up. I look forward to each and every one of your posts and all the comments that follow. Keep them coming my dear they mean a lot to me .
      Love you

      • Good morning Kallie,
        I think we might have a solution to my double vision.. new glasses to be ready in ten days. And it has only taken six months and 4 visits to eye doctors.

    • Dear Carol,
      Good to see you visiting my blog…I appreciate yours comments, and thank you for coming.
      I think we might have a solution to my double vision.. new glasses to be ready in ten days. And it has only taken six months and 4 visits to eye doctors.

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