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Back to Nova Scotia!

First settled in 1790, the town of Springhill, Nova Scotia, is located in central Cumberland County approximately 40 kilometers southeast of the New Brunswick  border. We went to the Miners’ Museum, and learned about the disasters that had occurred there.1995:07:116 Debbie, Springhill, Nova Scotia

They would take people down into one of the mine shafts…. Ra, Debbie, Connor and Mickey all went down. They had to put on miners’ gear, including slicker, boots, and the helmut with a light attached!

Me? Too chicken, and claustrophobic… so I stayed top side and waited for their return!Harry

We stayed overnight… maybe it was in Amhurst… not sure. I know it rained overnight, and the sun was shining again when we got up. In the whole month that we were traveling, any rain that came was only at night… except for our very last day, when it poured all day.

Our only foray into New Brunswick was at Cape Tormentine where we caught the ferry to Prince Edward Island. At that time they were just starting to build the bridge that now carries tourists, and locals, across to PEI.

I think that’s enough traveling for today, so will continue writing at another time.

Craft And Bake Sale

Craft And Bake Sale!

Yesterday, June 20th, 2013, was a good  day for those who do crafts, or for those who love to bake, here at Evergreen Heights. It gave us a chance to sell some of our “work”…. or a chance to let others know what we do!

In my case, I hoped to sell my “all occasion cards”, and my book. And also to let those who live in this complex,  a chance to know what I do with my time.

craft sale 2jpg

I do watercolour paintings, scan them into my computer and turn them into cards. The ones I sell just help me pay for my supplies.

It rained all day yesterday, but still people came to visit their relatives, so a fair number of people passed through the lobby where we were set up…. and they seemed to enjoy their visit to the craft sale. And especially to the home baking… the lady across from me sold right out!IMG_3582

There  will be another “sale” later in the Fall. I’m not sure if I will be in that one… probably… but it was a very long day. We had to set up at 8:30 and it went until 3pm. We had a sandwich for lunch so we were able to stay with our table. I had a very good  sleep last night!

B and B’s

B and B’s

We were heading for another bed and breakfast, and time was passing quickly, so Ra phoned ahead to let them know we would be a bit late.  On our way there we had trouble finding it, but we decided we weren’t lost, we were sight seeing!

I can’t remember the name of the bed and breakfast, even though I can picture it clearly in my mind. They brought us a cup of tea after we got settled in… and for breakfast next morning we had poached eggs with a lovely lemon sauce. They were delicious. I had never had them with a sauce before, and it was a real treat. We also had fresh strawberries. This was in July.. Nova Scotia is about a month behind us as our strawberries were ripe in June.

Next stop was The Shady Maples Bed and Breakfast. It was also a working dairy ranch, with Holstein cows. Connor, who was 8 at the time, loved it. They let him help feed the calves and gather eggs. He took the eggs into the ranch house and they cooked one he had gathered for his breakfast.1995:007:15 Connor at Shady Maples B&B

They had a laundry room where I could do a wash… and hung it out to dry over night. When I went to get my clothes the next morning there were people sleeping all over the floor!  They had a lot of friends and relatives staying there.

Shady MaplesWe went through a museum somewhere along here…. and Parsborough was to be a search of the beach for fossils… but that was too dangerous for Mickey and me, so Ra took us back to the building where the “Tour” originated… He had particularly asked if it was suitable for older people… so they gave us our money back.

To be continued!

Nova Scotia 4

Nova Scotia 4

I know that I should be posting more regularly if I expect people to keep coming back. Truth is, I am not organized enough to write when I should. It has to be when I feel like it, and more importantly, when I have photos to accompany my post. I hope you will bear with me!nova-scotia-map

I spent some time this morning getting a map of Nova Scotia, with names of the different cities.. it has helped to spur my memory when I see the names of some of the places we visited.

So here goes…. After leaving Barrington. we went through Yarmouth County, and Digby.Through Annapolis Royal, and went through the Habitation at Port Royal… set up like it was back in the days of it’s first settlement. We stopped in Midddleton to meet another of my second cousins!

In Wolfville we went to an art display at the University… of Alex Colville’s work… and thoroughly enjoyed seeing his original paintings.The Habitation, Port Royal, NS

At Hall’s Harbour we went in one building and each  picked out the lobster we wanted. Took it next door where they cooked it for us. Then we sat at a picnic table overlooking the Bay Of Fundy, and on the “other side” was New Brunswick. Talk about “Fresh”, and so delicious. We bought some buns to go along with the lobster!lobster-1

That’s all for this time. Tomorrow, Father’ Day, we will have a BAR-B-Q in their honour.

June 13th.

June 13th

This is a very special day. It is the day my first son was born.Ramon

Now he is a son, husband,  father, singer for Trooper, composer, musician, author, business man, artist, a Mac geek (his words) and an all round nice person, one that I am very proud of.

He is out of town right now… so…..

Greg Malo - Ignace ONHAPPPY BIRTHDAY dear Ra! I Love you!

Nova Scotia 3

Nova Scotia 3

Are you tired of reading about our trip to Nova Scotia? Too bad as I still have a lot of memories and will try to share some of them with my “friends”.

Our next stop was Barrington where we were going to go through the museum inside the woolen mill… but first we went to Subway and picked up our picnic lunch. We ate back at the mill at a picnic table on the grounds.Barrington Woolen mill

After enjoying our meal, we went inside. There I pointed out one of the books that was written by Hattie Perry… and said she was my second cousin. We had corresponded, but had never met. One of the attendants heard me, and said we should go and see Hattie, that she just lived in behind the mill…on Petticoat Lane… the red house at the end of the road!

Hattie Perry Wrote many books on the history of Barrington including the geneaology of all those mentioned in the book , So, unannounced we knocked on her door. I told her my name, and she said “Come in Cousin.” We stayed for quite a while, but had to leave as we had a bed and breakfast place expecting us. Hattie was “perturbed” that we couldn’t stay longer! Hattie was the person who gave me the only picture I had ever seen of my paternal Grandmother, Hester Anne Regina Lantz Vogler!

Dory shopOur next “big” stop was in Shelbourne. We visited the Dory shop, and the Ross Thompson Museum. In the picture you will see a couple of cones… they were sugar…a very expensive commodity in those days. A movie company had filmed a picture there, and had built a new building, and left it for the area after they were finished.Ross Thomson Museum, Shelbourne NS

That’s enough for this post. I hope you are enjoying our trip.

Nova Scotia 2

Nova Scotia 2

I have been trying to get a post ready, but time keeps jumping ahead and I run out of it! I will try to tell you more about our trip to the Maritimes. Don’t forget it was 18 years ago! I Do have a journal that I kept while we were away, but it is on a high shelf in the closet, and I cannot reach it, or even know which one it is as it is too high for me to read it’s identification!

We arrived in Halifax in the late evening and settled down for the night.

When we ventured out of the hotel the next morning it was to the sound of bagpipes playing right next door, where the Privateers Wharf was located…. it was part of the historical site.

We spent a few days in that area and saw the art gallery and the Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo, And spent most of a day on Citadel Hill. My Husband was in the army,  and had been stationed there for a while, and he wanted to relive some of those memories.Harry

As we left Halifax, heading for Peggy’s Cove, we passed “Round to it Road!”

Peggys Cove was so very beautiful, but swarming with other tourists, just like us!

At this stage of the game it is a bit difficult to remember things in “proper order”, so I won’t even try!

We stayed over night in Lunenburg, at the Coach House at the Lunenburg Inn. We went to a huge craft sale where we saw a lot of Christmas ornaments for sale. This was in July! This was where we sailed on the Bluenose ll.

Bluenose llMy Dad was so proud of the Bluenose for winning all those races… but I don’t think he ever saw her. So as we boarded, I told him “ Here we are, dad, on the Bluenose ll!

I’m positive that he heard me from his home “up there”.sailing

Heading on down the South Shore of Nova Scotia, going to Voglers Cove to have lunch in the house my grandfather built. We had to take a ferry. They had no actual schedule, but if they saw you on the “other side” they came and got you. There were four of us, and the car… We could not believe what they charged us… neither will you! Fifty cents!

Enough for this time! You will need to come back if you want to hear more about our trip!

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia

My father, Russell Vogler, was born in Voglers Cove, Nova Scotia. Our ancestors came from Prussia in 1751 and The Cove was named after my people. I had always wanted to go back and see where he was born, but one thing after another, it never happened.

It will take me a while to explain some background for the actual post I am writing!

We had a little dog, Ruff, … a curly haired Dachshund.  I always felt we couldn’t leave him. In 1994 He died. I no longer had that excuse.

Are you still with me?

In 1995 Ra and Debbie and Connor were going on a month long holiday to tour Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland. And they asked us to go with them. He said we no longer had the dog,  and he would pay our air fare. He had a lot of air miles because of all the traveling he does with the band, Trooper.

Would you believe that I said “No” at first? … but then decided it was the best and only offer I had. So we said “YES”.  We shared renting a van, and then paid our own way.1995:07: 07 Peggys cove light house

One of the highlights of that trip was in the first few days after our arrival in Halifax. We attended the Royal International Nova Scotia Tatoo! With a cast of 2000!  What a spectacular show that was!

Tonight, I came home and turned on the TV to see if there was anything I wanted to watch. I had missed the first half of the program, but saw an hour and a half of the 2012 Royal International Nova Scotia Tatoo! Wow! The show was spectacular, as always… but the memories it brought back were even better. It was like I was right there again.  I am grateful for seeing that show on KCTS Seattle, a public broadcasting station.

By the way, We had lunch in the house where my father was born, and I even saw the bed he was born in! My cousin owns the house that was built in1880! My dad was born in 1881.1995:07::08 Voglers Cove. The house my father was born in!