Nova Scotia 2

Nova Scotia 2

I have been trying to get a post ready, but time keeps jumping ahead and I run out of it! I will try to tell you more about our trip to the Maritimes. Don’t forget it was 18 years ago! I Do have a journal that I kept while we were away, but it is on a high shelf in the closet, and I cannot reach it, or even know which one it is as it is too high for me to read it’s identification!

We arrived in Halifax in the late evening and settled down for the night.

When we ventured out of the hotel the next morning it was to the sound of bagpipes playing right next door, where the Privateers Wharf was located…. it was part of the historical site.

We spent a few days in that area and saw the art gallery and the Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo, And spent most of a day on Citadel Hill. My Husband was in the army,  and had been stationed there for a while, and he wanted to relive some of those memories.Harry

As we left Halifax, heading for Peggy’s Cove, we passed “Round to it Road!”

Peggys Cove was so very beautiful, but swarming with other tourists, just like us!

At this stage of the game it is a bit difficult to remember things in “proper order”, so I won’t even try!

We stayed over night in Lunenburg, at the Coach House at the Lunenburg Inn. We went to a huge craft sale where we saw a lot of Christmas ornaments for sale. This was in July! This was where we sailed on the Bluenose ll.

Bluenose llMy Dad was so proud of the Bluenose for winning all those races… but I don’t think he ever saw her. So as we boarded, I told him “ Here we are, dad, on the Bluenose ll!

I’m positive that he heard me from his home “up there”.sailing

Heading on down the South Shore of Nova Scotia, going to Voglers Cove to have lunch in the house my grandfather built. We had to take a ferry. They had no actual schedule, but if they saw you on the “other side” they came and got you. There were four of us, and the car… We could not believe what they charged us… neither will you! Fifty cents!

Enough for this time! You will need to come back if you want to hear more about our trip!


6 thoughts on “Nova Scotia 2

  1. BEAUTIFUL NORMA. When I ws in elementary school I used to marvel at pictues of Peggy’s Cove in out school text books, as my mother’s name was Peggy 9Margaret) I was confident they had named it after her. A few years ago I made my way to Halifax and like you visited Halifax, Lunenburg and Peggy’s Cove. We were fortunate enough when we arrive in Lunenburg the Blue Nose was being re-fitted at the docs. It was a truly Canadian moment for me and I thank you for helping me to relive it. All the best.

    The King of White Rock

    • Mornin’ Dave, Thanks for stopping by and I do appreciate your comment. I wonder if your trip to Nova Scotia was in 1994 or 95? We were supposed to sail on the Bluenose in Halifax, but it was in Lunenburg for some kind of work… and when we arrived there we found out that we could sail from there. Tea. Dave?

  2. I would love to sail on the Blue Nose! heheh I’d love to sail on anything. A wonderful trip, one I would love to do. Thank you for sharing yours with us. 🙂

    • Mornin’ Heather. Join us for tea? Thanks for coming by and for your comment. Always appreciated.

  3. It’s so good to be able to tour alongside you and “see” all the interesting places that are meaningful to you! What a great trip it must have been.

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