Nova Scotia 3

Nova Scotia 3

Are you tired of reading about our trip to Nova Scotia? Too bad as I still have a lot of memories and will try to share some of them with my “friends”.

Our next stop was Barrington where we were going to go through the museum inside the woolen mill… but first we went to Subway and picked up our picnic lunch. We ate back at the mill at a picnic table on the grounds.Barrington Woolen mill

After enjoying our meal, we went inside. There I pointed out one of the books that was written by Hattie Perry… and said she was my second cousin. We had corresponded, but had never met. One of the attendants heard me, and said we should go and see Hattie, that she just lived in behind the mill…on Petticoat Lane… the red house at the end of the road!

Hattie Perry Wrote many books on the history of Barrington including the geneaology of all those mentioned in the book , So, unannounced we knocked on her door. I told her my name, and she said “Come in Cousin.” We stayed for quite a while, but had to leave as we had a bed and breakfast place expecting us. Hattie was “perturbed” that we couldn’t stay longer! Hattie was the person who gave me the only picture I had ever seen of my paternal Grandmother, Hester Anne Regina Lantz Vogler!

Dory shopOur next “big” stop was in Shelbourne. We visited the Dory shop, and the Ross Thompson Museum. In the picture you will see a couple of cones… they were sugar…a very expensive commodity in those days. A movie company had filmed a picture there, and had built a new building, and left it for the area after they were finished.Ross Thomson Museum, Shelbourne NS

That’s enough for this post. I hope you are enjoying our trip.


4 thoughts on “Nova Scotia 3

  1. Yes I’m enjoying your trip very much. It is always great to pull out those memories and dust them off.

    • Hi Bev. Good to find you here and I appreciate your comments. I have been trying to keep things in order, but it is getting harder! Stay a while and I’ll put the kettle on.

    • Hi Heather, I just put the kettle on for Bev and me, so come join us. I’ve known her a very long time! Thanks for your comment.

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