June 13th.

June 13th

This is a very special day. It is the day my first son was born.Ramon

Now he is a son, husband,  father, singer for Trooper, composer, musician, author, business man, artist, a Mac geek (his words) and an all round nice person, one that I am very proud of.

He is out of town right now… so…..

Greg Malo - Ignace ONHAPPPY BIRTHDAY dear Ra! I Love you!


8 thoughts on “June 13th.

  1. A wonderful tribute, Norma! I’m sure Ra will see this and be so pleased! And, so I will add – Happy Birthday, Ra!!! 🙂

  2. One of the most precious blessings we have as parents is watching our children grow and develop into remarkable adults. Each one is special, but the first is particularly so. Wishing Ra a wonderful birthday!

  3. Heather, Judith, Kallie and Carol. Thanks to each of you for coming by so faithfully. I appreciate your visits and your comments. I thought we could all have a cup of tea and get to know each other better.

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