Nova Scotia 4

Nova Scotia 4

I know that I should be posting more regularly if I expect people to keep coming back. Truth is, I am not organized enough to write when I should. It has to be when I feel like it, and more importantly, when I have photos to accompany my post. I hope you will bear with me!nova-scotia-map

I spent some time this morning getting a map of Nova Scotia, with names of the different cities.. it has helped to spur my memory when I see the names of some of the places we visited.

So here goes…. After leaving Barrington. we went through Yarmouth County, and Digby.Through Annapolis Royal, and went through the Habitation at Port Royal… set up like it was back in the days of it’s first settlement. We stopped in Midddleton to meet another of my second cousins!

In Wolfville we went to an art display at the University… of Alex Colville’s work… and thoroughly enjoyed seeing his original paintings.The Habitation, Port Royal, NS

At Hall’s Harbour we went in one building and each  picked out the lobster we wanted. Took it next door where they cooked it for us. Then we sat at a picnic table overlooking the Bay Of Fundy, and on the “other side” was New Brunswick. Talk about “Fresh”, and so delicious. We bought some buns to go along with the lobster!lobster-1

That’s all for this time. Tomorrow, Father’ Day, we will have a BAR-B-Q in their honour.


12 thoughts on “Nova Scotia 4

    • I’m glad that you are enjoying my memoirs, Daria. Thanks for coming by and for your comment. Guess I better get the kettle on and we can all have tea

    • Hello Judith! Did you hear me say I would put the kettle on? Come join us! I’ll pour!
      Thanks for your visit and your comment… always good to see you here.

  1. Just post when you get a chance. I enjoy reading about your travels and your reminiscence.

  2. A very nice job you’ve done with this – I love the photos. Yes, the map would be of great help.
    Hope you enjoyed Father’s Day today, Norma!

  3. Your maritime memories are much better than mine and I’m enjoying them whenever you choose to share them.

    “Seeing” a place through someone else’s eyes sometimes gives a better view than if we were there ourselves. We “see” things from their perspective… things we might well have missed. There’s also pleasure from just mentally revisiting the different locations. I like using “Google Earth” to fly around to different places via my computer. While the views aren’t always right up to date, I love seeing them.

    • Hello Carol, Thanks for the visit and comment. There is a small group here today, so join us for tea….if you can take time away from your writing.

  4. Hi Norma, my name is Greg Ferguson. My Grandmother Neta was a Vogler, she was born in Voglers Cove. I have been working on our family tree off and on for a few years. Recently our computer packed it in and most of the information that I had collected was lost. Starting over again, was wondering if you wouldn’t mind telling me where Horace was put to rest. Was he brought down to the Lower Mainland or buried in Zeballos? Any info you could provide would be grately appreciated.

    • Hello Greg…
      we are 2nd cousins… or “icon” (first cousin once removed)!
      I have a lot of “our” Genealogy, and if you email me I can share some with you.
      Horace is buried in Ocean View Cemetery, in Burnaby, B.C.

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