B and B’s

B and B’s

We were heading for another bed and breakfast, and time was passing quickly, so Ra phoned ahead to let them know we would be a bit late.  On our way there we had trouble finding it, but we decided we weren’t lost, we were sight seeing!

I can’t remember the name of the bed and breakfast, even though I can picture it clearly in my mind. They brought us a cup of tea after we got settled in… and for breakfast next morning we had poached eggs with a lovely lemon sauce. They were delicious. I had never had them with a sauce before, and it was a real treat. We also had fresh strawberries. This was in July.. Nova Scotia is about a month behind us as our strawberries were ripe in June.

Next stop was The Shady Maples Bed and Breakfast. It was also a working dairy ranch, with Holstein cows. Connor, who was 8 at the time, loved it. They let him help feed the calves and gather eggs. He took the eggs into the ranch house and they cooked one he had gathered for his breakfast.1995:007:15 Connor at Shady Maples B&B

They had a laundry room where I could do a wash… and hung it out to dry over night. When I went to get my clothes the next morning there were people sleeping all over the floor!  They had a lot of friends and relatives staying there.

Shady MaplesWe went through a museum somewhere along here…. and Parsborough was to be a search of the beach for fossils… but that was too dangerous for Mickey and me, so Ra took us back to the building where the “Tour” originated… He had particularly asked if it was suitable for older people… so they gave us our money back.

To be continued!


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