Craft And Bake Sale

Craft And Bake Sale!

Yesterday, June 20th, 2013, was a good  day for those who do crafts, or for those who love to bake, here at Evergreen Heights. It gave us a chance to sell some of our “work”…. or a chance to let others know what we do!

In my case, I hoped to sell my “all occasion cards”, and my book. And also to let those who live in this complex,  a chance to know what I do with my time.

craft sale 2jpg

I do watercolour paintings, scan them into my computer and turn them into cards. The ones I sell just help me pay for my supplies.

It rained all day yesterday, but still people came to visit their relatives, so a fair number of people passed through the lobby where we were set up…. and they seemed to enjoy their visit to the craft sale. And especially to the home baking… the lady across from me sold right out!IMG_3582

There  will be another “sale” later in the Fall. I’m not sure if I will be in that one… probably… but it was a very long day. We had to set up at 8:30 and it went until 3pm. We had a sandwich for lunch so we were able to stay with our table. I had a very good  sleep last night!


8 thoughts on “Craft And Bake Sale

  1. Hi, Norma – what a wonderful spread! I hope you had some good sales. Perhaps the next fair will be on a weekend! 🙂 Let me know….

    • Hi Heather. There will never be a fair on the weekend. There is no management staff here on weekends, and they have to be here to supervise activities. Thanks for coming by. Hope all is well with you and your mom.

  2. Hi Auntie Norma,
    The cards look beautiful and it looks like you did pretty well for yourself 🙂 It is always a pleasure to read your blog. I have been following even if I havent been commenting. So many things to do before my darling daughters wedding and so little time to do it. I`m not complaining I`m loving every second of it !
    I love you , and will be back to being a nuisance here as soon as I catch my breath 🙂

    • My dear Kallie, you are never a nuisance… i miss seeing your smiling face when you aren’t around to comment.
      Congratulations to your daughter!

    • Hi Norman,
      The craft sale is only twice year, so we can count that as taking time off.
      As to painting or drawing, I’m not too sure how long I will be abe to continue with my vision like it is.

  3. Thanks for stopping by Carol, and for your comment.It wasn’t bad for a summer sale, but not as good as a Christmas sale.

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