Back to Nova Scotia!

First settled in 1790, the town of Springhill, Nova Scotia, is located in central Cumberland County approximately 40 kilometers southeast of the New Brunswick  border. We went to the Miners’ Museum, and learned about the disasters that had occurred there.1995:07:116 Debbie, Springhill, Nova Scotia

They would take people down into one of the mine shafts…. Ra, Debbie, Connor and Mickey all went down. They had to put on miners’ gear, including slicker, boots, and the helmut with a light attached!

Me? Too chicken, and claustrophobic… so I stayed top side and waited for their return!Harry

We stayed overnight… maybe it was in Amhurst… not sure. I know it rained overnight, and the sun was shining again when we got up. In the whole month that we were traveling, any rain that came was only at night… except for our very last day, when it poured all day.

Our only foray into New Brunswick was at Cape Tormentine where we caught the ferry to Prince Edward Island. At that time they were just starting to build the bridge that now carries tourists, and locals, across to PEI.

I think that’s enough traveling for today, so will continue writing at another time.


7 thoughts on “Springhill

  1. I like the idea of it raining only at night. 🙂 Interesting write-up! Makes me ponder over whether or not I’d go down in a mine.. I certainly never go spelunking – so, yes, maybe topside is the best. 🙂

  2. Norma, we have another thing in common. I’m extremely claustrophobic. I live within 30 miles of Hutchinson, Kansas, Underground Salt Museum. They tout it as being 650 straight down. Even the sign tends to make me nauseous. I love that it rained only at night. What a great trip that must have been!

  3. Like Judith, I share your claustrophobia. When we travelled across Canada in 1980 our crew also descended into the mine in Springhill for a tour while I happily stayed above. I’ll take a bright sky over coal-black darkness any day!

  4. Heather, Judith and Carol… I do appreciate your visits and comments, so “Thank You” for coming. It looks like maybe people are tired of reading about our trip to the Maritimes… or maybe my writing, but not too many are stopping in. Maybe I better start putting the kettle on again!

    • Your posts are always interesting. Blog visits often drop as summer gets underway… people start spending more time away from their computers. Don’t worry, they’ll be back.

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