Heat Wave!

We’re Having A Heat Wave!

Remember that song?

Well, it is hot here, but nothing like what some of you have to live with. I’ve got a couple of fans going, and there is air conditioning when we go down for meals or any of the activities.

Can you believe I’ve been working on Christmas cards… in late June and now July! I have also picked the paintings that I will use to make a calendar. I missed last year.  Had to quit and wait until Ra gets back from touring so he can take me to get some more supplies… I ran out of “card stock”.

I have another eye appointment on the 4th, and Ra will be taking me to that, so we can stop at Staples on the way there. My appointment isn’t until 4 PM, and no telling when we will get out of there.

Now maybe you know why I haven’t been writing for my blog!

Time to go traveling again. We left off where we took a ferry to Prince Edward Island. Red sand! Hard to believe, but it was red.  We stopped at a beach, and there was a bank down to the water, and a lot of birds had their nests INSIDE the bank!  Fascinating to watch them going in and out!

Ra had made some special CD’s so we could have appropriate music along the way.

One night we stayed in Charlottetown.. Connor stayed with us over night so that Ra and Debbie could have a “date”. They gave Connor money so that he was to pay for his own meal. It was pretty cute to see him figuring out if he had enough to get a second Coke… and was “this” enough for a tip? The waitress really liked him and gave him the second coke!

In New Glasgow we had a great Lobster dinner. To start the meal off, we were given buckets of mussels… and we could eat all we wanted (we did)! All kinds of food, and desserts.

1995:07:18 Green Gables, PEI

We went to the play “Anne of Green Gables”, and then saw where the author, Lucy Maude Montgomery had lived, and toured through the house. We even saw her grave at the cemetery! The Japanese are quite taken by her stories.  A lot of Japanese tourist visit there… In the Art Gallery we saw a model of her house, complete with the inside furnishings, built in Japan, and sent over here. It was completely built with sugar!! Apparently it took 2 months to build and weighs 330 pounds!1995:07:18 Anne of Green Gables house

Time to stop over and rest our weary bones! Broccoli Beach sounds like a good place to stay!


5 thoughts on “Heat Wave!

  1. Hi, Norma 🙂 Wow – you’ve been pretty busy! I really enjoyed the story of Connor at the restaurant. What a lovely waitress. 🙂

  2. Christmas cards??? In July??? You are much too efficient but I’ll be envying you when I’m scrambling with mine in December. 😀

    I’m enjoying your memories of your trip. I remember that red soil on PEI… so unusual, but apparently it grows wonderful potatoes. Our girls saw a production of ‘Anne of Green Gables’ on stage when we visited in Charlottetown, too. They loved all the ‘Anne’ stories and I think Heather still has several of the books… saving them for her girls to read.

  3. Dear Heather and Carol. Thanks for stopping by and for commenting. I guess people have more outside things to do, so don’t venture out to blogs! I do hope they will return!

    • HI Shari. Good to see you visiting here. I’m glad that I am helping you to revive some good old memories…. thanks for your comment.

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