Back to Halifax

Back to Halifax!

After two nights staying in Sydney it was time to head back to Halifax for our flight over to Newfoundland. It was to be a quiet drive… nothing planned.

At Sherbrooke there was a little settlement from back in the old days, so we had to stop and go through that. Up stairs over one of the shops there was a photographer taking tin types of tourists in costumes from way back then.  Of course we had to have ours done, along with Connor, our 8 year old grandson! The costumes were put on over our regular clothes… we were sweltering, but we just had to have that picture taken.nsmap4

Back in the car… heading for Halifax again. I love the names of some of the towns.. Middle Musquodoboit, and Upper Musquodoboit! On the other side of Nova Scotia there was Stewiacke, and Shubenacadie.

We arrived at a hotel near the airport, and settled into our rooms… but it wasn’t long before I called Ra and said we couldn’t stay in ours. They had painted the floor with something foul smelling, and no way could we stay there.

Ra went to the manager, and we were moved into another suite.

Next morning was our flight to Newfoundland!


One thought on “Back to Halifax

  1. Oh, I’d like to see the picture of you and the family in costume. 🙂 What fun!

    Strange they would even think of putting guests in a room like that – so glad Ra got things sorted out. 🙂

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