The flight from Halifax was a fairly short one, and  we soon found ourselves in Newfoundland! First thing we had to do was check in at our bed and breakfast that was waiting for us.

Ra told us all to wait in the car while he checked out the facility….. good thing, as he said it was not suitable. We headed for the hotel in St. Johns, and that’s where we stayed for most of the week….making day trips from there.

Where we went and when are a complete jumble in my mind… but I remember a lot of great days.

19950729 - Trepassey NL - Avalon Wilderness Reserve - Many herds of caribou.014

We went to an outdoor music festival at Carbonear and nearly froze. The musicians didn’t know if they would be able to play guitars or not. We left. We were staying in a house  and our accommodation had one ordinary size bed, and a cot . The cot slanted down at one corner… and all there was to cover me was one thin quilt folded in half to make two! Not tucked in anywhere, so it kept sliding off! That was one cold night in July!

I think the best Chinese food I have ever tasted was at Fongs.

We went up Signal Hill to the Cabot Tower. Construction of the Tower began in 1896 to commemorate the 400th anniversary of John Cabot’s discovery of Newfoundland, and Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee.

It was very windy up there!

19950728 - Bay de Verde NL - Northern Avalon Penninsula.013

Driving around and seeing some of the names of places was fun.  Baie de Verte where the water was so green. Bay Bulls, Brigus South, Flat Bay, Harbour Grace, Lobster Cove, Muddy Hole, Quidi Vidi, Witless Bay, Ferryland, and Conception Bay are just a very few of them.

Although at times it seemed so desolate, it was really quite beautiful! I don’t understand how people could live on those rocks!

We went into a small museum, I think it was at Conception Bay. Here we learned about Peter Easton, the famous pirate! Originally he was a British Privateer who raided Spanish ships with the blessing of his king. When England and Spain became friendly once more, Peter was left in Newfoundland with three ships, and no money to pay for them… so.., he became a pirate.

In 1612, he plundered 30 of his contrymen’s ships.

At the height of his Pirate career, he commanded 40 ships! He eventually retired to France, with two Million in Gold…and used his fortune to buy the Title “Marquis of Savoy”.

Another day we went to Cape Spear… the most easterly point in Canada. All the stunted trees were growing sideways because of all the heavy winds that buffeted the area.

19950726 - Cape Spear NL - Lighthouse - oldest in NL false windows on right.031

Years before, a soldier stationed there decided to walk across the ice back to St. Johns. Someone brought him back to the station, and another soldier, my husband, was sent to pick him up. Mickey got talking to a man that was hanging around talking to tourists, and he remembered the incident!

Our last day trip was to Trepassy… in pouring rain. That was the first rain we had in the daytime during the entire trip.We did see some Caribou (I think), but it was a miserable day.

That night at the hotel there was a loud party going on all night right next door to us. I phoned the desk a couple of times, but nothing happened. I had a hard time keeping my husband from going over to talk to them! As we were paying on our way out, I said I thought we should have a discount because we didn’t sleep… and they didn’t charge us anything for our room that night.

We flew back to Halifax and then back to Vancouver. It was a great month spent with our son, daughter -in -law and our grandson. Many wonderful memories are still with me.newfoundland-and-labrador-map


4 thoughts on “Newfoundland

  1. I surely did! I think everyone else must be busy with the holiday weekend happenings and their back to work and back to school busy schedules. Where we are now, we haven’t had Internet service at the new house until this morning, so I’m just beginning to catch up on my reading. 🙂 I’ll e-mail you later today to “chat”.

    • Hi Carol! What a great surprise to have a comment! There were none on my last post as well. I was beginning to think “why bother with a blog?”
      Yesterday I wrote quite a long post, had it saved, but somehow I managed to hit the wrong something and completely lost it. Today I am trying to rewrite what I wrote yesterday from memory!!
      Sure good to hear from you, Carol.

  2. This is very inspiring! I want to go see now for myself. 🙂
    I really enjoyed the pictures, and the names of the places you remembered. I guess people can get a place in their blood, so to speak, and they want to stay.
    Thanks for sharing your trip, Norma!

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