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Just A Thinking

Just a Thinking!

I’ve written about our trip to Nova.Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland  and it is all finished. I’ve been sitting here thinking….what can I write about that would be of interest on my blog?images

Moose? Maybe.

We were living in Beaver Valley, 16 miles out of Horsefly, B.C. (50 mile east of Williams Lake) No money as it was after the stock market crash back in 1929. a couple of years later Dad moved us to Beaver Valley so we could “live off the land”. We had chickens to supply us with eggs,  a few cows for milk and butter. Dad had a permit from the Game Warden so that he could shoot animals and birds out of season to supply us with meat.  Anything we needed from the store we traded eggs or grain. Taxes were paid by dad and my two brothers doing road work…filling in the pot holes!

Heh! What’s that got to do with “Moose”? Trust me… I’ll get to the moose very shortly!

As there was no refrigeration, how do you keep all the meat that a moose would supply?? In Beaver Valley, in winter, that was no problem. At forty below, you just hung the meat in the hayloft of the barn. When you needed some, take a saw and go get it!

Ok… back to moose.

moose steaks

moose steaks

Dad, Clendon and Horace (my two brothers) were out hunting this day, and they finely came across a big Bull, and one of them was lucky enough to shoot it. Now the problem was to get it home.

They hiked their way home to get the horses, Dick and Baldy,  and headed back to where they had shot the moose. Here they decided that it would be easier if they just hooked up one horse, so they left Baldy with the wagon, and took Dick up the hill with them,  through all the brush and trees.

They hooked the moose on to Dick’s singletree and were ready to go. Dad was pretty tired, so they all decided that he should ride down on Dick, with the moose trailing behind. (Dad never rode, but this time he agreed.) He was admonished to hang on to the hames as tight as he could.

Dick started out  pulling that animal behind him. Everything was just fine until they started down the slant of the hill. Dick started going a little faster, and the moose slid into the horses hocks which made him go faster… and in turn, the moose was banging into him faster and faster. It was a very wild ride!

My dad vowed he would never get on a horse again!1940 Mr. Mott, Russell Vogler Moose hornsDad is on the right

Even Dad laughed when the story was repeated over and over to friends and neighbours!