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I have what is known as a jumpy leg syndrome… sometimes just sitting too long in front of the computer gets it going, other times too much noise will get me shaking when my left arm joins the legs!

Yesterday morning was different. It was like all my nerves were “on edge,” not a nice feeling at all. I walked up and down the hall to see if that would help. It did help a bit, but not as much as was needed.

So I went down stairs for the Continental Breakfast… was carrot muffins… real good with a cup of tea and a bit of conversation with some of my friends. …and my edgy nerves settled down.images

You know, sometimes we forget about how very important friends are to our well being. They are there

any time you really need someone to hold your hand, or a shoulder to cry on…or just to share “space” with.

I am truly Blessed with all the friendships that have developed since I moved here, seven years ago.


What have I been doing?


What Have I Been Doing?

I’ve been trying to come up with something I can post on my blog, but to no avail. There doesn’t seem to be much happening round here… but my son Ra pointed out all the things that I have been doing, and yet they didn’t seem to be of much interest for my cyber friends. Ra disagreed with me on that point.

So… here is some of what’s been going on.

newborn hats 25

I just finished knitting the100th newborn hat that I donate to our Peace Arch Hospital. The Pastor here is delivering the last twenty-five of them for me tomorrow.2008:11:06   30 Toques22008:11:06   43 Pairs Mitts2

On the fifth of December it will be seven years since I moved here… and shortly after that, I joined my friend, Janice, and started knitting for the homeless. I have knit 177 adult size toques, and 136 pairs of mitts.(adult size.), as well as the newborn hats…. and all have been donated.

One of the Churches has an outreach program where they go out on the street to find the homeless.

2008:10:26 New toques4

Another occupation I have recently started…. One of the  ladies here had a stroke a few years back… that’s why she is here. She lost her ability to talk. She communicates with some signs and some guess work on the part of her partner. She came to me and said that I could help her!!

She goes to a speech therapist once a week, but she says it isn’t helping. So every day I spend some time with  her, trying to help her…. and even though I know nothing about what I am trying to do, it seems to be helping… and now the friends that she visits with have joined in, not letting her just use sign language unless she can’t come up with ‘talking” first.

And… I am a Beta reader! When an author writes a book, they read it over a few times, making revisions and corrections. Then someone else reads it, and gives advice where needed…then it goes to a beta reader before it goes on it’s journey to find a publisher…. that’s me! I look for anything that shouldn’t be there, punctuation, etc!

I’m not completely sure about how much I should do!! But I’m doing it. The author is my niece, and it is a great story… I’m enjoying every bit of it.

Oh,…. and today I did a watercolour painting of a Red-Breasted Nuthatch, which I will post on my Flickr page a little later tonight.  nonie vogue.