I have what is known as a jumpy leg syndrome… sometimes just sitting too long in front of the computer gets it going, other times too much noise will get me shaking when my left arm joins the legs!

Yesterday morning was different. It was like all my nerves were “on edge,” not a nice feeling at all. I walked up and down the hall to see if that would help. It did help a bit, but not as much as was needed.

So I went down stairs for the Continental Breakfast… was carrot muffins… real good with a cup of tea and a bit of conversation with some of my friends. …and my edgy nerves settled down.images

You know, sometimes we forget about how very important friends are to our well being. They are there

any time you really need someone to hold your hand, or a shoulder to cry on…or just to share “space” with.

I am truly Blessed with all the friendships that have developed since I moved here, seven years ago.


8 thoughts on “Friends

  1. How nice to have tea and muffins with others when most welcome. This is spare parts week again for me–a new lens in the left eye this time. When done a cup of tea and a muffin with friends would be just right.

    • Hi Norman. Great to see you visiting my blog.Are you having a cataract removed, or just new lens in your glasses? ‘Good luck, either way!

  2. A hot, calming cup of tea with good friends can be a wonderful blessing for many reasons, but I’m especially glad it helped ease the ‘jumpiness’ for you.

  3. I agree, Norma! I love that song by the Beatles where one of the lines is; I get by with a little help from my friends. 🙂 (for restless leg syndrome, I find three or four ounces of wine does the trick!) 😀

  4. Hi Auntie Norma,
    The fact that you have the option to go and sit with new friends made since your move from your home and have a distraction and friendly conversation speaks volumes for assisted living facilities. Some people feel like they are leaving their lives and memories behind when in reality they enhancing their lives , leaving the loneliness behind and taking their memories with them.Enjoy your friendships and remember ‘ a conversation a day keeps restless leg syndrome away ”
    Love you

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