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Busy Time of The Year!

This is a very busy time for me…….Christmas is coming! Everyone is busy…aren’t you?

As most of  you know, I live in an assisted living complex, where there are three levels of care. I’m in the “middle” one.

Anyway, all tenants and staff are invited to take part in our Christmas craft sale… which happens one week from today, on the 15 th of November, over in the Manor  lounge. Of course there are only a few of us that are vendors, but the rest come out to buy!

ready for craft sale!

I am one of the those taking part. I have my book, “The Adventures of Johnny and Mr Fredericks”,  2014 Calendars made from my watercolcour paintings, and, of course, my cards ( also made from my watercolour paintings)……..  I will have more than 70 different cards on the table!   I have even more cards, but they wont all be put out.

Some of the residents here are starting to call me the ‘bird lady’ because of all the birds I have painted.

I have been printing Cards these past few days… plus making some CD’S. Every year I make a Christmas CD for my family members.  It helps get us all in the festive mood.Christmas 2013 CD's