No Pics

The last photos that I took ( or my son took with  my camera) were of me at the  hospital. That’s gone by and I’m two weeks stronger?


Well,  you don’t need to see me in the hospital again, so no pictures for this posting.


Besides, my camera decided it needs a rest. I’m not sure if it is just a short rest, or a really long one. Can it be fixed? I don’t know. It still took some pictures, but won’t transfer them to the computer. My Grandson came and retrieve the photos that were in there, so I didn’t lose any.


And now I have to make a decsion-do I buy another camera? Why? All I have been using it for in the last while is to take pictures of the jigsaw puzzles so they can keep a record of all they have done. They can get someone else who has a camera.


I hope you can follow me as I sure change subjects in the middle of everything!


I’ve been on oxygen at night for quite a few years.–even before I moved here. But now, I have portable Oxygen for daytime use if I leave my suite. I’m beginning to get used to it, but it takes quite an adjustment. It’s a bit difficult to have a hose attached to you 24 hours a day. Getting  used to the portable oxygen, and trying to get some energy back have been taking up most of my time.

Hopefully I will soon be able to cope with it more easily than this past while.


4 thoughts on “No Pics

  1. Good morning lovely lady;
    Your words are so descriptive , who needs pictures 🙂 I like the ones in my minds eye as I read what you write. You do have to do quite a dance with those hoses but you will have it mastered in no time.
    It was so wonderful to see you and talk with you and hug you .
    I love you to the moon and back Auntie Norma !

  2. Hi, Norma…..I’ve been missing you this last week, wondering how you are doing. How delightful to find this in my inbox this morning. Perhaps the only thing you need is a card reader. You take the memory card out of the camera, put it in the card reader’s slot and plug that into the computer instead of the camera. They are inexpensive and perhaps this is what your grandson did. 🙂

    Anyway, I’m so happy you’re home again and getting stronger.

    • HI Heather,… that’s what Connor did to save my pics…but I don’t want to have to fool around with something like that. Will wait and see how I feel about it after Christmas.

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