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Seeing or looking

2008:12:01 - dad cloud copyLooking and seeing are not the same thing

This is the heading from the blog of my niece, and it has sparked a memory for me. Thanks Carol!

For some people, they look, but never see! Many others have the true gift of seeing. Like my youngest son, Gary. He kept watching the clouds to see his dad… and he finally ‘saw’ what he was looking for!

His brother, Ra, then came up with a photo of their dad, that fit right into the “cloud picture.”

Most would have looked and seen only the clouds. My two sons were lucky enough to see past the original view.

Original Photo…Gary McGuire

2nd and 3rd photos..Ra McGuire


Evergreen Campus of Care.

Evergreen Campus of Care.

As you probably remember, I live in an assisted living complex. There are three sections, with about three hundred people to supply meals for. This is a seniors place, so food can’t be too highly spiced, etc.

With all places, eventually you get a little tired of the menu, even though it is fairly good. And, we get pie every Sunday. We have our “big” meal at noon.


Today was absolutely delicious.

Stuffed Veal Cutlets!  The stuffing was mushrooms and cheese…then over all was a white sauce with mushrooms in it! Awesome!!!  And baked custard for desert!!!

Yesterday there was a bus trip for those who wanted to go to a certain restaurant for lunch. One of my friends went, and gave them $40.00 to pay $23.00 for her lunch and the waitress never brought any change! She finally got it from a different waitress. And, they said it wasn’t that great, and would never go back there again.

All in all, I’m quite happy right where I am.

My Mind

The MInd

I was talking with a friend the other day, and something she said triggered thoughts from about 1935.

Where were those thoughts stored for all those years?

I was about thirteen or fourteen. I wanted a pair of ice skates so bad, but I knew there was no money to get them for Christmas.  You know what? Instead of a pair of ice skates for Christmas, I got two pair! Both were ‘used’ and both were boy’s skates, with no ankle support. I didn’t care… I really had a lot of fun when our youth group at the church went to skate as a


One pair was from my parents, the other from a shoemaker friend of my dad’s.

Another time, in my teens, I desperately wanted a velvet dress, but again, there was no money to buy one. And again I got two velvet dresses. One was black, the other was what they called ‘shot green.’ Sometimes it looked green and at other times it was gold. And, as before, both were ‘previously owned,’ but I didn’t care!

The power of my mind to bring these memories  back to me is awesome…  but even more so is the fact that I can ‘see‘    myself at the ice rink, skating with my friends, and I can feel the joy I had when I wore those dresses!

Do you have any powerful memories brought to you from your mind’s storage  bin?

Tea Towels

Tea Towels

Quite a few years ago, I belonged to a group…and, as usual, this group wanted to raise some money, and I came up with the idea of a cook book, using recipes from earlier days.

I hand wrote all the recipes and sketches were done by myself and my husband. All 200 pages. I called it Great Great Grandmother’s Cook Book.

One of the ladies was very upset that I wouldn’t put any microwave recipes in it! In a pioneer type cook book!! I was adamant…no microwave recipes. One thing led to another… so I gave them a few pages, because some of them had supplied a few recipes. No one wanted to do any work to get it going… so I didn’t give the completed book to them.

What’s that got to do with tea towels, you say?

Read on!Norma with tea towels

Each year the lady that works for Trooper, handling the website etc. comes up with a fantastic idea for a present for my son.

This year, way back near the beginning of the year, she contacted me to see if I would send her some of his favourite recipes. That is what I did, but I also sent some of the ones from the cook book, in my hand writing….things like “how to make portable soup”, “how to make soap,” etc.

My friend loved them…now the tea towels would have recipes done in his mother’s own handwriting. She had them printed on cloth and then made them into tea towels… and for my little part in it she sent me a set as well. They are really too nice to use. but I will use them knowing the love that she put into making them.

Photo by Ra McGuire

To Post or not to post


To blog or not to blog: that is the question!


A couple things have kept me from writing any posts for my blog….first of all, lack of energy and enthusiasm, and secondly, no pictures to go with my writing. So I have decided to write when I feel like it, and use pictures when I have them. We’ll have to wait and see how that works out!


The first thing I want to bring up is maybe a rant…but it bothers me a great deal.


TV commercial… two little girls, maybe eight or nine, sitting out there with their lemon aid stand… their sign says 25 cents. Two people stopping in their nice car is stopping for a glass of their lemon aid, but before they get stopped, the girls turn their sign around and it now says one dollar…so instead of fifty cents, they will get two dollars.


This one is to sell a car that looks expensive, but isn’t.

I wonder who taught them about honesty?


Another one shows kids throwing sticky stuff up on the ceiling and putting toast into the VCR.  Another good way to teach children how to act. I don’t even remember what this one was advertising….If I did, I sure wouldn’t buy their products. These ads were presumably produced by adults. What were they thinking?


So much for that.

Have a Happy and Healthy New Year Dear Friends!