Tea Towels

Tea Towels

Quite a few years ago, I belonged to a group…and, as usual, this group wanted to raise some money, and I came up with the idea of a cook book, using recipes from earlier days.

I hand wrote all the recipes and sketches were done by myself and my husband. All 200 pages. I called it Great Great Grandmother’s Cook Book.

One of the ladies was very upset that I wouldn’t put any microwave recipes in it! In a pioneer type cook book!! I was adamant…no microwave recipes. One thing led to another… so I gave them a few pages, because some of them had supplied a few recipes. No one wanted to do any work to get it going… so I didn’t give the completed book to them.

What’s that got to do with tea towels, you say?

Read on!Norma with tea towels

Each year the lady that works for Trooper, handling the website etc. comes up with a fantastic idea for a present for my son.

This year, way back near the beginning of the year, she contacted me to see if I would send her some of his favourite recipes. That is what I did, but I also sent some of the ones from the cook book, in my hand writing….things like “how to make portable soup”, “how to make soap,” etc.

My friend loved them…now the tea towels would have recipes done in his mother’s own handwriting. She had them printed on cloth and then made them into tea towels… and for my little part in it she sent me a set as well. They are really too nice to use. but I will use them knowing the love that she put into making them.

Photo by Ra McGuire


4 thoughts on “Tea Towels

  1. What a lovely thought!

    The little girl who made my tea towels left us late last year. She was in her fifties, but she was a Down Syndrome child and had outlived her life expectancy by nearly twenty years. She was known for two things: her smiling hugs and her embroidered tea towels.

    Sending you a Vickihug in remembrance of the joy tea towels can bring.

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