My Mind

The MInd

I was talking with a friend the other day, and something she said triggered thoughts from about 1935.

Where were those thoughts stored for all those years?

I was about thirteen or fourteen. I wanted a pair of ice skates so bad, but I knew there was no money to get them for Christmas.  You know what? Instead of a pair of ice skates for Christmas, I got two pair! Both were ‘used’ and both were boy’s skates, with no ankle support. I didn’t care… I really had a lot of fun when our youth group at the church went to skate as a


One pair was from my parents, the other from a shoemaker friend of my dad’s.

Another time, in my teens, I desperately wanted a velvet dress, but again, there was no money to buy one. And again I got two velvet dresses. One was black, the other was what they called ‘shot green.’ Sometimes it looked green and at other times it was gold. And, as before, both were ‘previously owned,’ but I didn’t care!

The power of my mind to bring these memories  back to me is awesome…  but even more so is the fact that I can ‘see‘    myself at the ice rink, skating with my friends, and I can feel the joy I had when I wore those dresses!

Do you have any powerful memories brought to you from your mind’s storage  bin?


4 thoughts on “My Mind

  1. So many triggers … a smell , a song , a sound and the memories wash over me and take me back to times when life was simpler and everyone I loved was still here.
    Love you

  2. The mind is a remarkable thing, isn’t it? Your memory of a velvet dress reminds me of a year when I yearned for a ‘grown up’ royal blue velvet dress I’d seen. I remember being told it was too old a style for me… too deep a scooped neck, for one thing… so I put my thoughts of it aside. But on Christmas morning there it was under the tree! I was astounded and thrilled.

    The older I get the more precious are my memories, especially since some of them aren’t as sharp as they used to be! 🙂

  3. A lot of my childhood memories are about visits to Vancouver to visit. The park across the street from your house, the sounds of buses, Dad getting lost after we left the PNE grounds trying to make it back to your house, finding Easter Eggs in the shoes by the door, spinning round and round on the stool in the kitchen, looking at all of the owl figurines in the kitchen, watching Ra on the Junos, stopping in at Stanley Park and seeing the dragon painted van, oh, I could go on. I loved our visits to see you.

    Have a great day.

    Love Daria

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